Artist Brian Berman Launches Crowdfunding Campaign Promoting HOLOS Amulets: Symbol for Love, Peace and Unity

Perhaps the first Kickstarter design project of its kind, Berman transforms his vision of peace into an amazingly beautiful design. Our world is at a turning point and is poised for a universal symbol for unity, and HOLOS might just be that.


Ojai, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/05/2016 --The radiant power of this amulet is the message inherent within it: to bring about greater inner and outer peace, love, and unity. The HOLOS design symbolizes Berman's understanding that we are One Humanity. Furthermore it expresses what physicists have been seeking as the origins and theory of our universe. It models the pattern of creation.

The HOLOS design begins with the geometry of the torus (a "life saver"). The infinite energy flow of the nine spirals symbolize our wholeness as well as our diversities. It rejuvenates and connects. Its design transcends language, religion, and politics. It communicates non-verbally the message of love, peace, and unity, universally understood without linguistic limitations.

The geometric perfection of HOLOS Amulets are made through the cutting edge technology of 3D printing, which builds each model one layer at a time. Backers of this crowdfunding campaign can choose pendants as well as sculptures in several beautiful finishes: stainless bronze, antique bronze, and 24k gold plating for metal printed HOLOS. They can also select precious metals jewelry cast in polished brass, copper, silver, or solid gold. The sculptures are suitable for display in any home or office as well as any art gallery.

A HOLOS Amulet can be acquired as a reward for as little as $35 to early bird backers of this Kickstarter project. Many iterations of the HOLOS Amulet as pendants and sculptures are available including a limited edition version rendered in solid gold. Berman and his wife also offer a peace building webinar as one of the rewards.

Coinciding with the 12th Annual World-Wide Picnic for Peace, the HOLOS Kickstarter Launch Party will be held on Sunday August 7th, 1-3pm at The Ojai Art Center located at 113 S. Montgomery Street in Ojai, California. All are invited, and everyone will be treated to random giveaways, music, food and drink on a first-come, first served basis. Everyone can enjoy the many HOLOS items on display. And Live Streaming the event to the public on Facebook. Look for Brian Berman's page if you can't find the live feed. No RSVP is necessary.

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About Brian Berman
Born in New York in 1949, Brian is an award-winning sculptor. He was deeply affected as a child when viewing images of the Holocaust, wondering through a child's eyes, WHY? In 1969, he was trained as a peace marshal by a Quaker group to hold the peace during the Moratorium March in Washington DC. Through a series of violent events, he turned his attention inwards to find the source of inner peace. In 1970, Berman studied yoga and meditation and began teaching for the Integral Yoga Institute. It wasn't until 2002 when he was facilitating a Compassionate Listening Jewish German Reconciliation Project in Germany, that he realized Hitler had made him, inadvertently, a peace-builder. Brian's art is his voice for greater peace both within and in the world.

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