Artist Morgan Foshee Announces New Project Highlighting the Diversity of the American People


Salt Lake City, UT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/24/2018 --Morgan Foshee, an artist who works primarily in oil paints, has announced her next project, called "Strength in U.S." She is in the process of creating a series of portraits, representing diversity in the United States. Foshee is a firm believer that the things that distinguish us from one another should be celebrated, not criticized.

To help bring this positive message to the greater public, she is creating images of individuals from all walks of life. Her subjects include people of different races, age groups, social classes, careers, genders, sexual orientations and more. The goal is to show that, while we may all be different, we are all human and we are all American. Foshee believes that this type of messaging is exactly what we need at a time when our nation feels so fractured.

Each portrait is painted on a 16-inch square of canvas, turned on an angle so that it forms the shape of a diamond. All of Foshee's subjects are shown in a positive light to celebrate the little differences that make each person unique. She has already created several of the portraits and is seeking input from her supporters as to who else should be included. She hopes to gain a true cross-section of the American people.

Once the project is finished, Foshee hopes that her work will be put on display as a public art installation. She also plans to release an album containing prints of all the portraits in the series. In the book, each portrait will be accompanied by a brief bio of the individual depicted to highlight what makes them so special. The book will be available in both soft and hardbound varieties.

To help make her dream a reality, Foshee has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter with a funding goal of $75,000, of which she has already raised more than $3,000. Those who contribute to the campaign can receive a copy of the photo book for just $25. Other backer rewards include bumper stickers with positive slogans, autographed copies of the book and even printed credits in the book's acknowledgments. Foshee expects to begin shipping rewards out to customers by September 2019, once she has finished creating all of the portraits.