Artist Paints Cats as Fluffy Philosophers Sharing Their Healing Messages


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/15/2016 --Cat lovers and people who want to strengthen their intuition in a fun and playful way will be delighted by the Spirit Cats Inspirational Card Deck, which was launched by artist and writer, Nicole Piar, on February 1 on Kickstarter and continues through March 4. This oracle deck features a magical cat on each card paired with an inspirational message. The Spirit Cats Deck is capturing the imagination of many and, as a result, was funded in just 1 day.

Nicole Piar explains, "People do not have to believe in magic or have any previous experience with tarot to experience the benefits of this deck." People can use the deck by simply asking a question relating to their life or even just their day and pick a card. Each card features a lush, vibrant watercolor painting of a cat on one side and an inspirational message on the other. Each Spirit Cat has a unique personality, name, and theme. These fluffy philosophers inspire reflection on ideas such as unconditional love, solitude, vision, trust, soulmates, and even cuddles and mischief. The cards can spark unique insights and help people connect to their inner wisdom.

The Spirit Cats Deck Kickstarter campaign also offers other rewards including fine art prints mounted on wood, canvas tote bags and original ink drawings. Backers of this project can even choose to immortalize their own cat with a commissioned painting.

For just a $1 Kickstarter pledge, supporters receive a Spirit Cats desktop wallpaper for their computer and phone. A deck of cards is available for a pledge of just $20, with additional decks for $19. The cards are thicker than playing cards and come in a rigid two-part box. People can use the cards to bring a bit of light-hearted fun to their day or refer to them for spiritual guidance on a deeper level.

Anyone who is drawn to cats and their magical qualities or simply sees their feline friends as kindred spirits will be captivated by the beautiful images. Nicole Piar has captured a cat's very essence and soul and created a unique and uplifting product.

About Nicole Piar
Nicole Piar received her BA in Art from Yale University and went on to illustrate for the gift, stationery, home decor, and publishing sectors for the last 10 years. She is on a mission to awaken a sense of wonder and inspire wild flights of fancy. Her work balances on the vivid intersection of art, healing, storytelling, and dreams. The Spirit Cats Deck grew out of her Month of Cats project when she painted a cat every day for a month and people from around the world sent her photographs of their cats to serve as inspiration.