Texas Mesquite Rings

Artist Uses State Pest to Make Custom Jewelry


Arlington, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/21/2018 --Former railroad engineer, Texas bar owner, and Ft. Worth musician turned artist, Eric "Lefty" Entrekin has started custom making wedding rings out of a Texas state nuisance... the Mesquite Tree!

Staff: We recently discovered this unique jewelry and understand that you are new to the art & jewelry world. Is that right?

Lefty: This side of it, yes. I've been playing music for a long time as my form of art I guess but it is very much a communal thing. I recently sold my bar and got married so I think I was definitely looking for a more solitary & calm environment.

Staff: The rings are gorgeous. How did you get into ring making and how did the idea of using mesquite tree wood come about?

Lefty: My bar was (and is, it's still open) a tiny hole-in-the-wall beer joint where I met all kinds of interesting people. Terry Shanks was one of those people. He's a custom knife maker and friend of mine and I always admired his lifestyle. Sort of free to do his work however he likes as long as the quality is there. People put so much effort in for their jobs and bosses. It would be amazing to see what happened if everyone put that much effort into their passion or own businesses. As far as my choice of wood goes... it's not a new idea. Mesquite Burl is beautiful and many craftsman use it. It is true that trying to tame mesquite is futile. All the ranchers in Archer County Texas, where I'm from, spray it every year but there will always be a branch that blooms and throws a few seed pods. I just give people a part of Texas, the media grabs the green aspect of the story. And that is fine by me!

Staff: So it's a Texas thing?

Lefty: Well, I owned a Texas honky tonk and I am a country musician from Texas and fell in love with using burled mesquite wood so I named the company Texas Mesquite Rings but I would say American Southwest if you had to call it something. I work in all kinds of woods and inlays and have even put a loved one's ashes in a ring, but in the long run people love their home state of Texas and I inevitably make what people want.

Staff: The wedding band set you make is something quite special for couples. Can you tell me more about that process?

Lefty: It's definitely a unique touch. I match cut wood for both rings meaning that the wood used is the same piece, side by side, and will have the same patterns of striation. Essentially the same connected rings of the tree. Being newly married myself, even though I'm supposed to be a rugged man, I think it's a pretty special process.

Staff: Thank you Lefty, your rings are definitely beautiful and congratulations on your wedding and new found hermit lifestyle!

Lefty: Haha, thank you! I'm not dead yet and you can always find me out around Fort Worth watching a friend's band and getting dragged on stage. But surely more home time! Anyone wanting a custom made wood ring, whether it's made out of a pesky plant or not, can always feel free to message me with questions.

Texas Mesquite Rings