As a Crypto Space Four Years Player: To Commemorate the Third "Halving" of Bitcoin, My Opinion on the Exchanges in the Currency Space.


Zurich, Switzerland -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/25/2020 --The price of bitcoin has risen steadily since it halved on May 12. The number of institutional investors trading on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange's encrypted options market indicates that investors continue to be interested in such assets.

This is the third halving since the birth of Bitcoin. After the halving, the reward for each block will become 6.25 BTC.

Bitcoin is in a stage of accelerated recognition by global investors, and the number of people investing in Bitcoin globally is also increasing. With the arrival of a wave of bitcoin, many users face the choice of trading platforms if they want to enter the market. At present, Huobi, ZB, Binance, OKEX and other trading platforms are familiar to users in mainland China. How should you choose them?


1. "HBZO" Matthew Effect
2. Platform Token Wars
3. The rise of derivatives and the bull market
4. The entry of new users
5. Crypto space operation routine, To KOL, KOC
6. Policy window
7. The gravedigger of a centralized exchange-DEX

1. Binance, Huobi, ZB, OKEX four major first-tier exchanges of the Matthew effect.

In China, the four major exchanges (Binance, Huobi, ZB, and OKEX) are definitely our first choices. These four are the top ten exchanges in the world in terms of trading volume, and all have opened fiat trading and spot trading.

Other small exchanges are not recommended for everyone to use. Due to lack of flow and funds, the monthly transaction fee may just cover the cost of the server. Now the project parties are aware that small exchanges cannot provide liquidity, so the listing fee is pitiful and cannot cover personnel and venue costs. If you want to operate normally, you must use some abnormal means which in turn causes further loss of users.

The exchange is a freely competitive market with the Matthew effect. In users' eyes, bigger exchanges mean more security, better depth and better service. Therefore, resources will be more concentrated to the large exchange, the small exchange will gradually lose users, inevitably eliminated.

Everyone knows that the real money maker in the crypto space. As blockchain technology rises to the national strategy, everyone sees the dividends and opportunities in the future. The threshold for opening exchanges is getting lower and lower.

2.Platform Token

Platform token is one of the most clear targets of cash flow and business model among all crypto assets, and it is a rare value asset in the crypto space.

As the facade of an exchange, the platform token not only affects the judgment of external users on the exchange, but also involves the faith of loyal users. When users outside the circle come to the exchange, the exchange will also introduce their funds into the platform token.

The following are the platform token of the four major exchanges in China?

BNB (Binance), ZB (, OKB (OKEX), HT (Huobi)

3.The rise of derivatives and the bull market

The direct cause of the recent derivatives fire is a large amount of capital inflows, which is due to the iron rule of the crypto space: make great fortune overnight effect.

In the previous bull market, due to the lack of derivatives in the exchange, new users entered the market and saw that the mainstream currency has risen very high, and they are reluctant to take orders. Under the induction of KOL and the project party, they invested their funds in the cheaper altcoin, which led to the sudden wealth effect of the altcoin. Nowadays, exchanges have rich derivatives, derivatives also have a wealth effect, KOL and exchanges will also actively induce new users to play derivatives. The idea of new users is that I can make a lot of money by playing derivatives, why still want to buy altcoins? Therefore, funds will flow directly into the margin market. The nature of the new round of bull market is margin bulls.

Derivatives have become a new battlefield for exchanges. The rich and diversified products are to meet the diversified needs of users. Of course, this also brings more generous returns for exchanges.

With the development of derivatives, the market will become more and more professional, and the requirements for players will be higher and higher, it is difficult for ordinary users to make money.

4. The entry of new users

Each round of the bull market will have a cross generation product, the world currency of Bitcoin in 2013, and the ICO of ETH in 2017. What products will guide new users into the next round of bull market?

There are two directions: a decentralized application and the transformation of the physical enterprise.

People accept the Internet because it meets people's daily needs, such as: watching news, ordering food, chatting, etc. However, no such application has appeared in the crypto space so far. At present, all applications in the crypto space are simple imitations of the traditional Internet, and the imitated products have poor practicality.

In the next 1 to 2 years, I believe there will be a huge breakthrough, and products related to ordinary people will emerge, bringing outsiders into the crypto space.

5. Crypto space operation routine, To KOL, KOC

In the field of exchanges that solicit business everywhere, your withdrawal speed, product experience, community atmosphere, brand public relations are important indicators for users to choose you. Many exchanges feel that high-quality projects are the key to the success or failure of exchanges. In the past, it was established, but now it is not?1. High-quality projects are scarce resources in any market, especially the crypto space; 2. Token is decentralized, you will quickly catch up with others, and the Matthew effect will appear in the top exchange.

In fact, the value of KOL in the currency circle is actually underestimated by most people. In addition to bringing traffic and funds to the exchange, they also play a role in faith. For a project team, the cost of direct communication with users is very large (To C). If it is propagated to users through KOL (To KOL), the cost is much smaller, which is also in line with the characteristics of Token and gather resources.

6.Policy window

Supervision will eventually come to end this chaotic state of the crypto space. The exchange needs to grow large and strong enough to become the object of regulatory cooperation before the arrival of regulation.

7.The gravedigger of a centralized exchange-DEX
(1)We are playing decentralized tokens, but on centralized exchanges, this is a strange thing in itself.
(2)Limited by the performance and operation threshold of the current public chain, decentralized transactions have many flaws and it will take a long time if can be used on a large scale.
(3)The medium-term exchange pattern is: several centralized oligopoly exchanges (Huobi, Binance, ZB, OKEX), supplemented by decentralized exchanges, centralized exchanges also have some advantages, more efficient, More convenient, it may be completely decentralized exchange in the long run.

"Decentralization is currently a pseudo-demand," ZB CEO Omar said, we need more technology development and advance deployment to fully decentralize.