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As Clients Slim Down, Lipo Spa LLC Weight Loss Centers Expand

New Technology-Assisted Treatments Offer Long Term Solutions for Stubborn Fat The Battle of the Bulge Goes High-Tech


Albany, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/06/2016 --Helping hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds, Lipo Spa, LLC announces plans to open two more locations in 2017 while working with a national franchising team to expand nationwide.

A New Sustainable Approach to Fat Reduction & Body Sculpting

Disrupting the $64 billion dollar weight loss industry, Lipo Spa is the most intelligent solution to yo-yo dieting, painful surgeries, life-long weight fluctuation and expensive and generic meal programs. A brand new, intelligent and sustainable approach to healthy fat reduction and body contouring, this health savvy startup is shaking up the world of weight loss. "We're excited about our continued growth," remarked CEO Christophe Marin. " We are now planning two new locations in 2017."

Holistic, Healthy and Technology-Assisted

Like nothing else available in the marketplace, the company's new proprietary Total Body Transformation provides a unique combination of comprehensive and personalized nutritional programs with healthy lifestyle guidance and weight loss support. Their targeted approach to technology-assisted, non-invasive fat reduction treatments have helped build satisfied client reviews while expanding their business three-fold in only 18 months.

Clean Eating & One-on-One Coaching

Clients are offered a clean eating program with a wide range of nutritional solutions and supplements to help them kick off their successful weight loss journey, shedding an average of one to two pounds per week. Each individual client program at Lipo Spa is personalized to target safe and effective weight loss with results that last over time.

Non-Surgical Body Contouring

Fat reduction technologies include non-invasive treatments that target and destroy fat cells while contouring the body. These treatments combined with new protocols developed exclusively by Lipo Spa's team of specialists help clients permanently reshape targeted body zones in stubborn areas including belly fat, love handles, saddle bags, flabby arms, and double chins. With Lipo Spa's advanced technologies, many clients see as much as 3-7 inch loss off a trouble zone within 30 to 45 days.

Permanently Destroying & Shrinking Fat Cells

Body contouring with proven technology-based treatments and customized protocols like CoolSculpting® Plus and UltraShape® Plus permanently destroy subcutaneous fat cells while VelaShape® Plus, LaserLipo™ and Thermal Contouring (Lipo Laser) shrink them. These benefits assist clients by eliminating excess fat for good. Areas include muffin tops, belly pouches, love handles and inner and outer thigh fat. Lipo Spa also has technologies that will tighten and tone loose skin and assist in the process by making weight loss easier and faster with the use of technology. While each treatment is unique, they all individually offer some form of concentrated energy source, radio waves, ultrasound and in the case of CoolSculpting®, cooling technology to target and destroy fat cells. The fatty acids and lipids are naturally eliminated from the body for good. Skin remains unharmed and inches disappear faster and easier then diet alone which in turn motivates clients as they see results.

No Pain, Knives or Surgery

Permanent fat reduction is achieved with non-invasive treatments and zero down time. Clients also reap the benefits of no pain, no anesthesia, sedation or drugs. There is never a need for incisions, scars or recovery time. Lipo Spa also incorporates some of the best weight loss technology tools including body composition analyzers that measure more than just BMI along with treatments like their cell-shaking vibrating plates to move involuntary muscles.

Five Star Reviews

Five star reviews along with client satisfaction have led to word-of-mouth recommendations to help Lipo Spa open three locations in Albany, Syracuse and Buffalo New York in little over a year.

Led by Health & Wellness Experts

With more than 30 years of combined weight loss, healthcare and aesthetic experience, Lipo Spa's team is uniquely qualified to assist people from all walks of life who are struggling to shed unwanted pounds and improve their overall health. Tired of the fads and gimmicks that guarantee to keep people overweight, Lipo Spa professionals developed a proprietary system and new approach to weight-loss success that has helped men and women alike.

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Buffalo 63 Park Club Lane, Williamsville, New York, 14221 716-261-2256