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As Manufacturing Ramps Up, Demand is at Record Levels for Used Chemical Processing Equipment


Cleveland, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/12/2011 --There is more money being spent today on used chemical equipment than ever before. This shouldn't surprise anyone, since saving both time and money is imperative in today's global marketplace. Chemical equipment technology is constructed to be useful for years, and with regular preventative maintenance will produce for decades.

As a growing segment of the chemical industries explore the used equipment market, they become more familiar with both the buying and selling opportunities of employing used equipment. Numerous companies start buying used equipment to save money. Then they discover the delivery window for used equipment is considerably faster then the purchasing cycles for new equipment. This leads to less down time and new production facilities can ramp up faster. Not to mention used equipment cost is 20-50% of new equipment replacement costs. All of which leads to significant bottom line profits and efficiencies that are hard to beat for manufactures in the chemical industries.

“Manufacturers are ramping up their operations after nearly three years in the doldrums”, says Chris Camp, Director of Marketing at Federal Equipment Company, Cleveland, OH, a leading provider of used equipment. Camp noted “manufacturers are making the used equipment sector a real ‘bottom line’ resource to increase their profits.”

Camp went on to say “the recession hit the chemical manufacturing sector hard, and it was a real challenge for Federal Equipment’s sales team to make their sales goals during 2008 and 2009.” Camp notes that 2010 and the beginning of 2011 are showing marked improvement in sales, as manufacturers are aggressively ramping up production again.” Camp also stated “Federal Equipment’s stock is flying out of our warehouses to locations all over the world. We are selling at a rapid pace, in fact, we are in a major equipment buying cycle to try and keep up with our customer’s demands.”

Underscoring that point, Ted Davis, Vice President at Federal Equipment, and a 20-year veteran in the used equipment business noted, “we are looking to make fast cash acquisitions of quality process equipment, be it a single piece, a complete process line or an even an entire manufacturing facility. We are urgently seeking inventory to properly serve our clients.” Mr. Davis went on to say “the recent surge in used chemical equipment demand, such as tanks, reactors, heat exchangers, and centrifuges, has increased Federal Equipment’s buying activity to historic levels for the company, making it an opportune time for sellers to get top dollar for their idle equipment.”

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