As Retailers Compete to Compel Americans to Spend More Money Than Ever This Holiday Season, One Company Coaxes Consumers to Save and Grow Their Money

Worthy Financial offers an easy way for consumers to earn 5% on their money.


Boca Raton, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/05/2018 --When Americans consider the benefits of saving their money for the future, their thinking often becomes clouded. Standard savings accounts offer an average interest rate of just .06% with premium savings accounts paying up to 2% with one requirement; an exceptionally high average daily balance. While these rates are not appealing, the bigger picture is also not a pretty one; these interest rates do not outpace inflation which means people actually LOSE money when they park their cash in these types of accounts. On the other end of the spectrum, many higher yielding investments are out of the reach of most Americans due to requirements such as high account minimums or even regulatory hurdles.

Until now.

Worthy Financial, Inc. believes in economic opportunity for all. The company is driven by a pioneer in the world of crowdfunding, Sally Outlaw, who is no stranger to solving conventional problems in creative ways. She and her team have built an entire ecosystem of saving and lending that is beneficial to all participants. Through Worthy Financial's subsidiary, Worthy Peer Capital, they offer an SEC-registered, 5% fixed interest bond, starting at only $10.00. Although the bonds have a 36-month term, they can be cashed in at any time with no fees or penalties so they operate with the ease of a savings or checking account. Worthy gives consumers this easy access to a 5% fixed interest return while helping American companies obtain the funding they need to grow. This is because money from bond sales gets invested in totally secured, asset-backed inventory loans for American businesses.

Consumers who sign up to save with Worthy can do so in just a matter of minutes. And Worthy designed their product to fit into their customer's lives by providing three easy ways to buy their bonds. Bonds can be purchased "on demand" by simply clicking the "buy bonds" button in their mobile app or on their web based platform, by scheduling a recurring "set it & forget it" automatic monthly investment, or by participating in their "round-up" program which tracks the spare change from customer's everyday purchases (rounding-up every transaction they make to the next whole dollar amount) and when this amount hits $10.00 a Worthy bond is added to their portfolio.

Worthy is currently raising funds to support its rapid growth and in keeping with their thesis of community capital, has opened up a portion of their investment round to the public via equity crowdfunding platform Start Engine. "Opening up financial opportunities for the 98% is in our DNA", says Worthy CEO Sally Outlaw. "We wanted our customers who love Worthy – or anyone who likes what we do – to be able to own a stake in our future". Unlike many equity crowdfunding campaigns that seek funding for untested ventures, Worthy has already sold millions of dollars in bonds. With proof of concept firmly established and consumers earning 5% interest on the money they are putting aside, Worthy believes they are an attractive investment. "People are worthy of a better return, a more level investment playing field and a more secure financial future and we are dedicated to making that happen".

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