As Society Becomes More LGBTQA+ Friendly, Some Still Struggle with Sexual Orientation

Those identifying as bisexual still experience social pressure to date one gender


Kissimmee, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/14/2018 --At least in the United States, the LGBTQA+ community has gained more legal rights and more societal support; members of these communities are even becoming more represented in pop culture, with movies like Love, Simon, and in Congress, with the recent election of several openly gay or lesbian politicians. Unfortunately, members of this community still experience intense societal pressures to legitimize their identities and experiences and, sometimes, are forced to hide them altogether.

The "B" in LGBTQA+ stands for Bisexual, meaning you are attracted romantically and/or sexually attracted to individuals of more than one gender. Traditionally, it has been defined as attraction to both male and female-identifying individuals, but can also include attraction to gender-fluid or agender individuals.

Unfortunately, while gay and lesbian orientations are becoming more socially acceptable, individuals who identify as bisexual still face constant questioning about the legitimacy of their identity and orientation. Oftentimes, these individuals may be accused of going through an exploration phase, of being overly sexual, of being more likely to cheat, or of just being confused or rebellious.

Furthermore, because of this constant questioning and social stigma, many bi singles find themselves in hetero-relationships (i.e. men with women, and women with men). They are less likely to actually come out as bisexual and, according to a study published by National Center for Biotechnology Information with U.S. National Library of Medicine, bisexual individuals are more likely to experience ongoing stress, mental and physical health issues, and have substance abuse issues.

With all these pressures, it can be difficult for those identifying as bisexual to find like-minded individuals that accept their sexual orientation, without fetishizing them. Thankfully, more resources are becoming available to alleviate some of these stressors. For example,, an online platform, is an educational website aimed at rounding up the best dating services for bisexual individuals. This site provides a list of the top dating websites, like Bi People Meet, where bisexual individuals can feel safe and comfortable meeting with other bi singles. Additional, could use the bisexual apps to find others.

The benefit of these online platforms include: safely getting to know individuals prior to meeting in person; a designated platform to find like-minded and accepting individuals; and a judgement-free zone where bi singles can explore their sexuality!

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