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Asahn Guyton Chronicles His Path to Entrepreneurship in His Debut Book - "A Kid from South Park"


Las Vegas, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/23/2020 --Experienced American serial entrepreneur, Asahn Guyton, is set to release a new book titled "A Kid From South Park," where he teaches the art of entrepreneurship using himself as a case study.

The debut book titled "A Kid From South Park," a work he has described as a sort of autobiography detailing his interesting path to entrepreneurship. The book primarily focuses on helping aspiring entrepreneurs navigate their way to becoming successful in the highly competitive and dynamic business environment.

Several research works have revealed that a relatively low percentage of businesses make it past their first year, with more startups failing to make it to their fifth anniversary. Unfortunately, more people often start their entrepreneurial journey without having a full grasp of what it takes to successfully run a business. This is one of the major factors that lead to the failure of enterprises, particularly with many of the available resources offering seemingly abstract tips to aspiring entrepreneurs. This is where Asahn Guyton is looking to make a difference by sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience gathered over 6 years of entrepreneurship with readers worldwide.

"I wrote it during COVID-19 lockdown, I have been wanting to write this book for the major part of my adult life but this time of reflection forced me to be creative; so I was finally able to pen down my thoughts and put it on paper. The book also talks about my musical journey for 10 years and the reason why I stopped abruptly and never looked back. It also elaborates on my transition to becoming an entrepreneur and buying commercial real estate throughout the United States," said Asahn Guyton.

"A Kid From South Park" focuses on becoming a successful entrepreneur, providing readers with undiluted entrepreneurial tips and the needed tools to guide them through the journey. The book is in line with Asahn's mission of encouraging and empowering others to share their gifts with the world and teaching his business practices to people to help them achieve financial freedom.

About Asahn Guyton
The successful entrepreneur and real estate investor owns multiple businesses, including South Park Management, a company he founded in 2014 after working in the entertainment business for more than ten years. The company specializes in creative developments in the finance, software and publishing industry. Over the years, Asahn has acquired multiple commercial real estate properties across the globe.

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Asahn Guyton
CEO, South Park Management LLC