ASAI Introduces Quick Chip Technology to Their Cash Processing Programs


Glendale, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/10/2018 --Automated Systems America Inc. (ASAI) has been a mainstay of the cash processing industry for nearly two decades and they are proud to announce their latest cash processing innovations. Following Europay, Mastercard, and Visa's lead on EMV transaction advancements, ASAI plans to implement Quick Chip technology into their Cash Advance program. This addition will benefit consumers in many ways, but chiefly it will save them time while guaranteeing they will be utilizing the greatest advancements in secure cash processing. As if this weren't enough, ASAI will also be unveiling a new processing system that no longer requires signatures in order to complete a transaction.

This groundbreaking development ensures that EMV card users will be able to access their money faster and more securely. Quick Chip significantly reduces the amount of time a card is in the terminal, it eliminates dependencies, and provides the same level of EMV security that chip card users have become accustomed to. Quick chip also supports all cardholder verification methods, giving its users peace of mind, knowing their money is protected. Another benefit of this technology is reducing the likelihood a cardholder will accidentally leave their card behind in the terminal.

Abandoning signature requirements was simply the next step once EMV cards were near-ubiquitous. Chip technology has come along so quickly that a signature requirement has become a thing of the past. With customer convenience in mind, ASAI is happy to add this feature to their already stellar, secure, and dependable services.

"The use of Quick Chip will essentially cut transaction times in half," said John Steely, Founder and CEO of ASAI. "And as of April 1, no signatures will be required to process these transactions, saving our customers even more time."

The use of EMV technology has truly revolutionized the way the world does business, and ASAI is proud to be at the forefront of this innovative technology. ASAI is committed to bringing the best and most inventive advancements to its customers and the implementation of Quick Chip technology and the abolishment of signature requirements is just another step in that direction.

About Automated Systems America, Inc (ASAI)
ASAI is a full-service ATM and Cash Access company specializing in the needs of the gaming and white label ATM industries. Its innovative approach to incorporating under one roof best-of-class processing products and services, has branded ASAI an industry leader. Through strategic alliances with powerhouse processing and equipment companies like Diebold, WorldPay, US Bank, CDS, First Data and Elan, ASAI provides their clients financial tools to keep cash flowing.

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