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Boca Raton, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/27/2021 --Asbestos air testing should be prioritized for the safety and health of businesses and homeowners. Aeris offers asbestos analysis and testing for South and Central Florida in addition to the recent expansion to North Florida. An asbestos inspection is critical due to the prevalence of air quality hazards.

Poor or dangerous air quality can result from chemicals, asbestos and mold. Proper remediation is dependent on experienced and well-trained professionals with high-quality equipment. Aeris provides accurate and reliable results. Asbestos can negatively impact any home or business in Florida.

The Environment
Professionals are trained for environment inspections. The entire environment is thoroughly inspected to detect any potential sources. During a mold inspection, professionals look for any issues with the indoor air, hidden contamination sources, identify contaminants and analyze both air and surface samples. The cause of water damage and moisture problems must be located.

Indoor air quality may include measuring the carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and humidity levels in the air to determine air quality and examining all equipment such as air ducts for signs of contamination or malfunctions. Aeris environmental air quality testing includes a written report for all hazards. Recommendations are provided for improving the quality of air in the business or home including:

- Formaldehyde
- Allergens
- Mildew and mold
- Bacteria
- Pollen and dust
- Airborne asbestos
- Office machine off-gassing
- Cleaning products
- Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide
- Resins, chemicals and solvents
- Combustion gases
- VOCs or volatile organic compounds
- Insulation fibers

Asbestos Exposure Health Risks

If microscopic asbestos fibers are swallowed or inhaled, they can become lodged in the digestive or respiratory tract. The body can eliminate some of these fibers, but others can become permanently trapped. Asbestos at any level is not safe. Exposure to asbestos can result in serious complications. In most instances, an individual exposed to asbestos for the long-term is the most affected.

The problem is if no air quality testing is performed, the individual may not know how long they have been exposed. An asbestos analysis is critical for the safety of the occupants. As the fibers start accumulating within human tissue, the result is often internal damage and inflammation. As time passes, cellular changes can result in several diseases including cancer. Asbestos can cause the following cancers.

- Lung Cancer:

Approximately four percent of all lung cancer cases have been linked to asbestos.

- Laryngeal Cancer:

Confirmation was received by the National Institute of Health in 2006 that laryngeal cancer can be caused by asbestos.

- Mesothelioma:

This incurable rare cancer develops in the abdomen or lung lining.

- Ovarian Cancer:

Confirmation was received from the International Agency for Research on Cancer in 2012 that ovarian cancer can be caused by asbestos.

Asbestos can also cause numerous noncancerous conditions including:

- Pleural Plaques:

The most frequently seen symptom of asbestos exposure is a fibrous thickening of the lung lining.

- Asbestosis:

Asbestosis is scarring and inflammation of the lung tissue preventing normal expansion and relaxation of the lungs.

- Pleurisy:

This condition is also referred to as pleuritic pain and occurs when the pleural lining is severely inflamed.

- Diffuse Pleural Thickening:

When the pleural lining thickens due to excessive scarring, the result is breathing issues and chest pain.

- Pleural Effusion:

This condition allows fluid to build-up around the lungs resulting in difficulty breathing.

Research is still investigating additional diseases potentially resulting from asbestos exposure. A study conducted in 2020 established asbestos as a potential risk factor for bile duct cancer. Once you are exposed to asbestos, 10 to 70 years may be necessary to develop a related disease. Only 10 years are required for the development of asbestos.

The majority of cancers linked to asbestos require between 20 and 50 years for development. Diseases related to asbestos can cause cancer symptoms including chest pain and breathing difficulties. Air quality testing is an effective solution to make certain no asbestos is present.

Aeris is now offering asbestos surveys, sampling and inspections for South, Central and North Florida. The only way to be certain there is no asbestos in your home or office is with asbestos air testing.

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Aeris Indoor Environmental Services offers environmental assessments and testing performed by seasoned professionals through South, Central and North Florida. For information about Aeris and their indoor air quality services, reach out by email at or call 844-692-3747.