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ASF, Auto Safety Group, Offers Diamonds and Emeralds

ASF Fundraiser is awarding a beautiful diamond and emerald broach for most worthwhile donation toward the new ASF Communication Center


La Jolla, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/14/2015 --A private philanthropist has donated a beautiful diamond and emerald broach for the commencement of an ASF fundraiser, with the goal of obtaining a million dollars (or real estate donation) to obtain a new ASF Communication Center for their international auto safety work. The illustrious broach, over a hundred years old, has been passed through many family generations and is rumored to have an historic royal background (if any experts identify it from the photos please contact ASF). ASF is gifting this rare broach (resembling a peacock) as an award (or in a quid pro quo arrangement) to the donor that can donate the most worthwhile donation toward the new ASF Center.

ASF Gift Card:

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About Automobile Safety Foundation
Automobile Safety Foundation is a nonprofit auto safety organization founded in 1988. "Eyes on the Road, Hands on the Wheel" is the international life saving message and slogan ASF shares on their web page, ASF wants you to know there is a lot more to driving safety than just not text messaging, and propounds the science of road concentration that is includes the avoidance of the many driver distraction. ASF has recently released the new ASF Gift Card with this important information that is must reading for all drivers!

"Eyes on the Road/Hands on the Wheel" is a message that should be broadcasted internationally. The ASF Communication Center will help circulate this urgent safety message worldwide, improving efficacy rates of children, teens, and adults to be able to practice the science of road concentration, avoid distraction, and in consequence decrease accident rates. ASF also plans to continue to research new automobile driving and safety innovations.

Help make the world safer for everyone, while also owning and enjoying a beautiful diamond and emerald broach for a permanent reminder of your valued and important philanthropy!

ASF benefactors interested in making a donation please contact:
Automobile Safety Foundation
P.O. Box 12183, La Jolla, CA 92039 or 858-834-4345.

Please note that this press release has been revised from its original content.