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AsiaRFID Said RFID Tags Could Help Reduce Airport Lost Luggage

Lost luggage cost airlines around $2.3 billion each year with 23.1 million bags being reported missing. AsiaRFID has come up with a solution that could save airlines billions of dollars each year using RFID Tags.


Beijing, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/02/2016 --Lost luggage has been a huge problem for airlines around the world with a reported 23.1 million bags being reported as lost in 2015 at airports in the USA. For many years now airlines and airports have been looking at ways to reduce this number and the amount of compensation that is paid out to passengers, and according to AsiaRFID, they have the answer.

AsiaRFID, the manufacturer of RFID Tags, has said by introducing RFID Tags it could help reduce the amount of compensation that is paid out when bags are lost or mislaid. With the increasing number of bags being lost aviation experts have warned that unless something is done it could result in airfares being increased to cover the $2.3 billion compensation that is paid out.

A spokesman for AsiaRFID said: "RFID Tags could help transform the airline industry in the USA and around the world. By removing the old system in the way bags are monitored and by using RFID Tags, airlines could reduce their operational costs and increase profits for shareholders, as well as make passengers happy."

At the present moment most airlines in the USA use bar codes on luggage tags to monitor them, but as reports have shown with the number of bags that go missing this system is not working. With the current system baggage handlers need to be equipped with a bar code reader, which can be bulky to make sure the luggage they are loading goes on the right plane. However, this system has proven problematic, hence the reason why AsiaRFID is calling for the whole luggage system to be overhauled and introduce RFID Tags.

"RFID provide many advantages over the current system and allows the luggage to be read by a RFID scanner while on the conveyor belt. This system will make sure that all luggage is heading to the right plane. When a piece of luggage is on the wrong conveyor belt it will be removed and placed on the right aircraft, saving time, money and reducing the number of bags being lost by going on the wrong flight," explained a spokesman for AsiaRFID.

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