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Cheltenham, England -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/05/2018 is already known for providing as many as three free boiler quotes from only the most established and vetted boiler companies. But provides an additional service as well: a list of the most reputable boiler companies, along with the companies' contact details and other essential information, right on the site.

Comparing boiler companies is a lot easier nowadays for those who live in the UK, thanks to the free services offered by Interested customers can easily visit the site and request their quotes, and they are guaranteed to receive as many as three quotes (even more) from boiler companies where they reside. Additionally, these quotes all come only from reputable companies which are Gas Safe registered and checked and vetted by

Numerous customers have already taken advantage of's free boiler quote service, allowing them to save money by having a more efficient boiler and getting the ideal package according to their requirements. But apart from providing free boiler quotes, goes a step further with its service by providing a detailed list of boiler companies on its site. When customers visit the 'Boiler companies' page at, they can see a comprehensive list of boiler companies in different areas. But not only are they provided with a list – they can also see the companies' contact details as well as information about the services they can expect.

Some of the companies on the list of include Gas Fast Ltd in Knottingley, West Gas Service in Middlesex, London Gas Ltd in London, Blue Flame Gas Solutions Ltd in Glamorgan, JMD Solutions Ltd in Colchester, Eclipse Energy in West Yorkshire, Boiler hut Ltd in Cardiff, the Home Utility Group in Leeds, and UK Gas Heating in the West Midlands.

The companies' telephone numbers are all listed, and the information available at also includes details about the companies' services, payment options, specialisations, and more. For instance, customers who are interested in Gas Fast Ltd can click on the 'Read more' icon which provides them with additional information about the company. The information includes its areas of expertise (plumbing, electrical services, heating, solar installation, bathroom services, and of course, boiler installation) as well as its payment options and warranties (customers who get a new boiler can receive a warranty of 10 years for boiler labour and parts, for instance).

About aims to assist those who would like to get a more efficient boiler in their property with its free boiler quotes, which customers can easily request on the site. To get free and comprehensive boiler quotes from trusted, Gas Safe registered companies, visit