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Aspen Novel a Mix of Truth and Fiction

By Author Foster Sanders


Aspen, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/21/2018 --A legendary resident of Aspen, Colorado, John "No Elk" Gillespie, inspired author-conservationist Foster Sanders to merge Gillespie's captivating persona into Sanders' newly released romance-suspense novel, Almost to Aspen. This sequel to his riveting debut, Almost to Destin, is not the first time that the author has used real life characters in his thrilling, tongue in cheek adventures. Over twenty well-known Destin, Florida, residents were introduced in his first tale of love and adventure, and John "No Elk" Gillespie" is exactly what Almost to Aspen demanded.

A long-time mountain climber and hunter, Gillespie is the personification of Aspen, with all of his romantic charm and western ruggedness. The only thing taller and stronger than the unassuming, soft spoken "No Elk" in the town of Aspen is the Hotel Jerome where his friend, Powder White, a wealthy oil tycoon from Wyoming, often imbibes with his rich buddies, to the thrill of local women.

The lovely heroine of Foster Sander's Almost to Destin, Leila Jane Hewitt, must escape the dangers of the Florida Panhandle. Smugglers of illegal aliens, drug dealers, and killers are all hell-bent to eliminate her as a witness against one of their brethren in an upcoming criminal trial in Pensacola. Her dangerous predicament is fodder for sensational news and the talk of the nation. Leila's extraordinary good looks and profound bravery have captured attention from coast to coast--and nowhere more excitedly than in Aspen, Colorado.

The powerful Powder White makes the acquisition of Leila his challenge, whatever it takes. He conceives a plan, and eventually Leila succumbs to "the call of the wild," namely from Powder, by accepting his and Sheriff DeSalty's offer of a safe haven in Aspen. But Leila does not come alone--there are new commitments in her life, new people to protect, and new dangers. Does she really know Aspen? Does anybody?

A chess match between extremely diverse warriors commences. On one side stands the pure goodness of the protagonist Leila with her loved ones, including all of God's creatures and creations. On the other, stands a group of the most vile and despicable scumbags on earth. The vast disparity between these opposing forces dramatically pulls the reader back and forth from warm emotions to chilling fear.

Ultimately this saga explores hearts and souls--and gratitude. How two people end up together is one of life's greatest mysteries. Sometimes, it happens in Aspen.

A number of social events will continue in Aspen throughout the summer to introduce actual characters in Almost to Aspen and author Foster Sanders. Both books are now available at Amazon Books and at