The Temple Athletic Co.

Athletic Wear Brand, Temple Athletic Launches Non-Toxic Sportswear Line on Kickstarter

A new, locally made sportswear brand creates a better, healthier clothing line while also promoting a cleaner environment.


Toronto, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/28/2018 --Launching Wednesday, August 22nd on Kickstarter, The Temple Athletic Co. is an industry-changing sportswear brand for men and women that is designed using only superior performance fabrics free of dangerous toxins.

Dangerous toxins and chemicals used in the weaving, dyeing and treatment processes of today's leading sportswear brands have been linked to various illnesses, including contact dermatitis, hormone disruption, learning disabilities and cancer (REPORT). When an individual exercises, these toxins absorb into the body from friction and heat through sweat.

All Temple Athletic collections are made locally, using superior performance fabrics FREE of dangerous toxins. Crafted in the world's most advanced fabric mills, using only the highest human and environmental production standards in the world.

Not only is Temple Athletic safe for those who wear it, but it also promotes a cleaner Earth, in which the apparel and footwear industry are the second largest global polluters behind oil and gas. So what is the company's vision? It's simple. They want to help build better, healthier customers by being a better, healthier sportswear company. It's good for the body, good for the planet, and locally made.

Temple Athletic products will be offered at a 'pre-order promotional rate' starting August 22nd on Kickstarter. Temple Athletic products will be available at regular pricing, direct to consumers from the company's website and through exclusive Brand Ambassadors. All customers will also receive unlimited access to a media library containing the most current information about diet, health, and exercise direct from the fitness community.

The Temple Athletic Co. also invites consumers to join their community by telling their story, to educate and to provide the marketplace with a healthy sportswear alternative.

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About The Temple Athletic Co.
Temple Athletic Co. wants to help build a better, healthier customer by being a better, healthier sportswear company. The company has spend three years sourcing performance fabrics from the world's most advanced mills, all made without dangerous toxins.

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