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Atlanta Air Experts Offers Extensive Vent Cleaning in Marietta and Decatur Georgia

There is one company that offers vent cleaning in Marietta and Decatur, Georgia, which is mandatory for keeping the property safe from fire hazards.


Alpharetta, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/15/2020 --Many homeowners are not aware that the dryer vents can be the source of potential fire hazards that can completely ruin the property. That is why they don't take the hassle of getting it cleaned. That results in the build-up of dust and debris in the dryer vents, along with something more hazardous known as lint. Lint build-up in the dryer vents is one of the primary reasons for the fire breaking out in many properties. A significant percentage of homeowners think that emptying the lint trap once in a while is enough. That is not the truth. Experts offering vent cleaning in Marietta and Decatur Georgia think that nearly 40 percent of the lint is collected in the dryer vent system, which is not visible. The lint trap can be emptied, but this lint in the dryer vents remain as it is. When the unit is switched on, the lint gets heated and can result in a fire. The fire breaks out in the confined area, which does not trigger an alarm. Things, therefore, can easily get out of hand quickly. That is where professional dryer vent cleaning comes into the picture. Atlanta Air Experts have been doing a great job in this regard.

The experts at Atlanta Air Experts have years of experience in this field. They are aware of the importance of carrying out a thorough vent cleaning job. They are in charge of maintaining the safety of one's family as well as property. The dryer vent cleaners from Atlanta Air Experts comes with all the necessary equipment to carry out the job. They use a brush and forced air to ensure that the entire system remains lint-free.

Apart from dryer vent cleaning, the company also offers HVAC duct cleaning in Lawrenceville and Sandy Springs, Georgia, chimney cleaning, sealing duct lines, and more.

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Atlanta Air Experts has years of experience in providing a wide range of services that includes vent cleaning in Marietta and Decatur Georgia, HVAC duct cleaning, chimney cleaning, sealing duct lines and more.