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Atlanta Foundation Repair & Waterproofing Scheduling Free Foundation Inspections Through the End of 2021

Atlanta Foundation Repair & Waterproofing Pros is proud to announce that they are scheduling free foundation inspections in Atlanta through the end of 2021.


Atlanta, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/01/2021 --The year is quickly coming to a close, which is why it's a great time for homeowners to schedule needed foundation inspections for Atlanta properties. A full-scale inspection can alert residents to needed repairs as well as issues with property grading and moisture levels, which can affect a foundation's overall condition.

To that end, the crew at Atlanta Foundation Repair & Waterproofing Pros is proud to announce that they are offering free foundation inspections for Atlanta properties through the end of 2021. "Now is the time to have your property's foundation inspected thoroughly, by a trained and experienced professional," said Tom Stevens, a crew member from Atlanta Foundation Repair & Waterproofing Pros.

"We saw homeowners put off needed home repairs over the past few years, mostly because of COVID-related slowdowns," says Stevens. "With so many property owners going back to work and back to their usual routine, it's vital that home repair is at the top of everyone's list for the new year."

Foundation repair in Atlanta is often more important than property owners realize, as was explained by Stevens. "Even small foundation cracks can let in copious amounts of moisture, risking structural wood rot, damaged drywall, and even mold."

Property owners also might not realize how quickly those cracks can spread and deepen. "Cracked foundations are weak foundations. A weak foundation can't hold up the weight of a structure as well as it should," explained Stevens. "The longer you avoid needed foundation repair, the greater the risk of severe foundation damage including a structure sinking and settling. Before long, you might need house leveling and other extensive fixes."

While underpinning and house leveling are sometimes expensive enough, secondary damage will increase those costs. "Once a house starts to shift on a weak foundation, it's not unusual for wall and ceiling cracks to appear, or for drywall sections to pull away from the walls, risking gaps in room corners. Gaps also tend to form around window and door frames."

Stevens goes on to explain how these and other issues around a property can affect needed foundation repairs. "You can't simply ignore cracks along walls and ceilings, or damage like buckled floors and cracked plumbing pipes. Those cracks let in moisture and insects, while damaged plumbing pipes risk water leaks and clogs. You'll then need to address those fixes, along with your foundation repairs."

A homeowner might spot some signs of foundation damage, but Stevens cautions against assuming that a weak foundation is always obvious. "Sometimes there will be cracks deep in the concrete or hidden in areas not readily seen. That damage can get severe before a homeowner or commercial property owner realizes what's happening with their structure."

Since foundation damage is so easy to overlook, Stevens notes the value of professional foundation inspections for Atlanta properties. "Our crew is trained in how to check foundation concrete or piers and beams for early signs of damage that property owners often overlook. We can also recommend the best foundation repair method for your property, based on the foundation design and extent of the damage."

Stevens also points out that a foundation inspection doesn't necessarily lead to costly repairs. "Sometimes a structure just needs minor crack patching. This simple process, which usually only costs a few hundred dollars, can save homeowners thousands of dollars in repairs down the road."

And what if a structure's foundation is in good condition? "We definitely let them know that the foundation is in good repair, although we often suggest waterproofing the concrete or basement surfaces, to help that concrete repel moisture. Crawl space encapsulation also means a clean and dry space, ready for storage or for accessing a home's underside."

Some homeowners also mistakenly think that only a particular foundation inspector in Atlanta can check over a structure and note the overall condition of its foundation. "A property inspector might be hired by a potential homebuyer," states Stevens. "Their job is to check everything on the property that needs to be up to local codes. However, a good foundation repair contractor is qualified to check a structure's foundation and spot signs of damage. After all, they'll be the ones performing repairs so they are the most qualified to check that concrete or the piers and beams."

All of these reasons are why Atlanta Foundation Repair & Waterproofing Pros is offering free foundation inspections for Atlanta properties through the end of 2021, says Stevens. He emphasizes that property owners should know the condition of their home or business from top to bottom. "The beginning of a new year is an excellent time to get homes into shape, just as most people try to get themselves back into shape after the holidays. Our crew is dedicated to helping property owners ensure their home or commercial structure is sitting on a strong, stable foundation, and to keep repair costs as low as possible."

To schedule a free foundation inspection, consumers can visit the website for Atlanta Foundation Repair & Waterproofing Pros and fill out their contact form.

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