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Atlanta Tax Experts Larisa Humphreys Explains How a Good Accountant Can Benefit Businesses

Larisa Humphrey of Abundant Returns in Atlanta encourages businesses to seek a good accountant to help them save money on taxes


Atlanta, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/29/2016 --Larisa Humphrey, tax expert at Abundant Returns in Atlanta is helping educate business owners about the benefits a knowledgeable accountant can offer to their business and overall profitability. Whether a business is established or just getting started, a good accountant can help them find the proper, legal ways to save money on taxes so they can re-invest that money into their bottom line.

Throughout more than 20 years of helping businesses and clients as a certified tax coach, Larisa Humphrey consistently helps business owners earning more than six figures annually save upwards of $100,000 on their taxes. For businesses just getting started, she has the knowledge and skill to help coach them through the process of forming an LLC or corporation depending on what will be most beneficial for their entity. For established businesses, Humphrey helps them find little-known IRS-approved tax strategies that consistently save them significant amounts of money each year on their tax returns.

Taxes are generally one of the most common areas of concerns for business owners. New business owners are generally taken by surprise at just how much money they end up having to pay in taxes. Not only is the actual cost of taxes difficult to manage with other business expenses, but all the different types of taxes a businesses is required to pay can be difficult to navigate. Businesses are subject to many different types of taxes such as business income tax, employment tax, self-employment tax, property tax, sales tax, excise taxes, franchise taxes, and a host of others. Trying to pilot the ins and outs of these taxes without the help of a qualified accountant can be frustrating, as well as extremely inefficient from a time and monetary standpoint. Humphrey works with businesses locally in the Atlanta area as well as remotely nationwide to help them discover how they can legally save money on all the different types of taxes they are required to pay every year.

Humphrey's commitment to helping individuals and businesses save money on taxes began more than two decades ago as an IRS employee when she learned that she was paying more income taxes than some millionaire politicians at the time. She has since developed a passion for helping others avoid unnecessarily overpaying in taxes while still abiding by legal U.S. tax codes.

About Larisa Humphrey
Through her 24 years of experience as a tax expert, Larisa Humphrey has helped her clients save hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes they would have likely overpaid unnecessarily. She is committed to helping as many people as possible learn about how they can legally save money on taxes, and has authored several books to help others learn these little-known strategies.

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