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Atlanta Tax Preparer Celebrates 24 Years and More Than 1 Billion Dollars in Refunds to Clients

Larisa Humphrey of Abundant Returns celebrates landmark figure for client tax returns


Atlanta, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/11/2015 --Atlanta tax expert Larisa Humphrey and her team at Abundant Returns tax service are celebrating 24 years of business and more than 1 billion dollars in refunds to their tax clients. For more than two decades, Humphrey has been helping both individuals and businesses pay less in their taxes year to year with IRS-approved strategies.

"Many individuals and business owners feel like there is a way to reduce taxes but just don't know how," said Larisa Humphrey, founder of Abundant Returns "At Abundant Returns, we are trained on little-known, 100% legal, IRS-approved strategies found in the U.S. Tax Code that produce more and higher refunds for our clients."

Humphrey is a former IRS employee who became involved in tax preparation services when she realized that millionaire politicians in the early 1990s were paying fewer taxes than she was with an average income. Since then, she has become an expert in tax preparations services that maximize the amount of returns her clients receive so they can keep more of their income in their pocket. In her past 24 years in business, Humphrey has prepared thousands of tax returns and to date, has helped her clients receive more than 1 billion dollars in combined returned tax dollars.

In addition to providing individualized tax preparations services for individuals and businesses in the Atlanta area, Humphrey has also authored and co-authored several books about the tax strategies she uses with her clients. The purpose of her authored materials is to help average individuals gain access to the same knowledge and tax strategies that wealthy Americans have with their own personal tax preparers.

Humphrey's most recent co-authored book is titled The Tax Detective – Uncovering the Mystery of Small Business Tax Planning. It is a collaborative work of Humphrey and 16 other of America's top tax planners to help readers legally minimize the taxes they pay year to year. Since its launch earlier this year, the book has become an Amazon Best Seller and is already helping individuals and businesses save money on taxes in 2015.

The other self-authored books by Larisa Humphrey include Pay Yourself Instead of Uncle Sam, Tax Breaks of the Rich and Famous, Secrets of a Tax Free Life, and Breaking the Tax Code.

To learn more about the Atlanta tax preparation and consulting services offered by Abundant Returns, please visit www.abundantreturns.com.