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Largely unnoticed, a business owner’s parking lot is essential to the smooth running of an establishment.


Alexandria, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/26/2015 --Largely unnoticed, a business owner's parking lot is essential to the smooth running of an establishment. It's crucial for business owners to keep their lots clean and attractive at all times, but most are busy with bookkeeping, customer relations, inventory, and other matters. Small town entrepreneurs in particular often struggle to keep their parking lots and buildings in good shape.

For those business owners, Atlantic Sweeping and Cleaning is always available to help. Based in Alexandria, Atlantic Sweeping and Cleaning has serviced rural Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Maryland since 1977. They serve not only metropolitan areas such as Baltimore, but also a plethora of smaller towns such as Reston, Rosslyn, Gaithersburg, Annandale, and Prince William. The staff at Atlantic wishes to provide the most modern and technologically current cleaning services available.

Every inch of a parking lot must be cared for. "Faded lines, cracks, and potholes [stand out] to tenants [and customers]," Atlantic's website warns. To prevent cosmetic issues, Atlantic offers line striping and maintenance, including seal coating and curb painting. Many clients now seek directional markings and signage, especially new drivers, commuters, and older clients who want to stay active in their neighborhoods.

Atlantic Sweeping and Cleaning's commercial pressure washing services ensure buildings look great no matter what the weather. "We always see an uptick in pressure washing services when spring comes," one representative said. Indeed, winter debris pile up near buildings and in parking lots, causing holes, cracks, and abrasions that may lead to client injuries and lawsuits.

Atlantic Sweeping and Cleaning will regularly clean a business' building, as well as wiping down benches, decorative accoutrements, and telephone booths or lighting fixtures. Atlantic offers lighting maintenance along with cleaning services, especially to commercial businesses that rely on light for detailed work. This can include sewing, engraving, or printing businesses as well as repair shops, woodworking shops, or masonries.

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Atlantic Sweeping and Cleaning is a parking lot cleaning service based in Alexandria, Virginia, with a wide client base across the Mid-Atlantic.