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Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning, Inc. Lands Contract to Sweep Interstate 66

Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning, Inc. just signed a contract to sweep Interstate 66 for the next three years


Alexandria, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/05/2015 --Interstate 66 is one of the most popular interstates in the country, and because of that it needs all of the maintenance it can get. In years past, Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) worked with another contractor to do the cleanup. However, after a few mishaps, VDOT has decided to sign a contract with Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning, Inc. in order to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Approximately 76 miles in length, Interstate 66 travels in an east-west direction. However, Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning will be focusing on the corridor between Prince William County to the D.C. line at least twice a year, in the Fall and Spring, for the next three years. The other parts of the year, Atlantic will be on-call for emergencies or when highway work is occurring.

Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning, Inc. has proudly been serving the Metro Washington D.C., Northern Virginia, and Maryland areas since 1977. Their boundaries to the north extend to Towson, MD and to the south, as far as Fredericksburg, VA. Their knowledgeable staff uses state of the art sweeping and various techniques to ensure top quality work is the finished product.

Having signed the VDOT contract a few weeks ago, Atlantic Sweeping was supposed to start the job earlier this week; however, Hurricane Joaquin delayed the work with worries of high winds and falling debris. Not to worry, Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning will begin its duties as soon as possible. The team plans to use their large broom sweeper in the front in order to collect sand, leaves, gravel and debris. Bringing up the rear, a large air sweeper will pick up the smaller sand and debris particles that are found between the cracks and crevasses of the Interstate, placing the finishing touches on their job that is always well done.

Giovanni Recalde, Owner of Atlantic Sweeping & Cleaning, Inc states, "This two sweeper method is what we use for highway and municipal sweeping, and it's Atlantic's specialty. The method is the best of both worlds. Broom sweepers pick up larger debris and even accumulated sand much quicker than an air sweeper. Our method is what we have used for 38 years."

With as much experience as Atlantic Sweeping has under its belt, it is not an argument that the Interstate 66 corridor will be the cleanest, and most well maintained that it has ever been.

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