Attorney Dan Hynes

Attorney Dan Hynes the New Hampshire DWI GUY Offers Toll Free Number: 1-855-NHDWIGUY

Dan Hynes is proud to offer a toll free number for clients 24/7. To promote this new service, radio ads are being used to help people learn about the New Hampshire DWI GUY and his team of lawyers. Offices are located throughout the State with the DWI GUY team serving all of New Hampshire.


Concord, NH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/09/2013 --Attorney Dan Hynes, the NH DWI GUY, is now offering a toll free number to call for people arrested and charged with DWI in New Hampshire. Free consultations are available to be scheduled 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Attorney Hynes and his team of New Hampshire DWI Lawyers have offices throughout the State including Manchester, Hudson, Portsmouth, and Concord.

To promote this expanded service for clients, Attorney Hynes is running radio ads throughout New Hampshire on WOKQ 97.5 and The Shark, 105.3. Here is one of the ads:

“We all make mistakes. One of the worst life changing mistakes that can happen is getting arrested for DWI. Was it your mistake, or was it the mistake of the arresting officer?

I'm Attorney Dan Hynes, the New Hampshire DWI GUY. Author of two nationally known books on DWI defense. I have a proven record of helping hundreds of people who have made the same mistake. Don't make another mistake. Call me, I can help. For a free consultation call toll free 1-855-NHDWIGUY. That’s 1-855-NHDWIGUY” (855) 643-9448

Many people ask about the penalties of DWI. New Hampshire has strict DWI laws. If found guilty, there is a mandatory 9 month loss of license and it is a criminal offense. If convicted of Aggravated DWI or second offense, there is mandatory jail time and an even longer loss of license. Driving while intoxicated is not just a small traffic ticket. Regarding the DUI penalties and getting the best outcome, Attorney Hynes said: “Don't make a mistake of trying to defend yourself. Mechanics should fix cars, doctors should do surgery, and DWI lawyers defend DWI charges? Don't try to pretend to be one at Court. With so much at stake, there is only one chance to get the best outcome.”

When asked what sets him apart from other lawyers in NH, Dan Hynes responded that he is the only lawyer in New Hampshire who only represents clients charged with DWI.