Attorney Et Al Free Legal Social Media for All


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/06/2020 --There are three major social media sites: Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin in which each has carved its own niche in social media: Facebook is family social media, Twitter is general social media and LinkedIn is job social media. Each of these social media sites has become a multi-billion dollar company. Linkedin, itself, was sold in 2017 for $26.2 billion to Microsoft. Each of these companies comtrol their respective areas of the social media and that is as far as the industry extends today. This shows that social media generates billions of dollars in revenue each year. To join this select group of major social media sites comes Attorney Et Al.

Attorney Et Al has completed the development of the first free Legal Social Media site for both the Public and Attorneys. The site is now up and running at All of its services are free.

Attorney Et Al has launched a crowdfunding offering with Netcapital and is selling shares at $2/share with a minimum $100 purchase. The company has an Equidam valuation of $5.9 million with no debt. There is an crowdfunding offering video posted on Youtube at

Everything is set forth on the Netcapital site for the offering at

Attorney Et Al has combined everything that both the public and attorneys would want in social media under one site. What is now being done partly in a piecemeal fashion separately by various unrelated media sites is being done completely here for free. Attorney Et Al is giving:

1. Free Blogs such as given by Facebook
2. Free Expert Article Posting for attorneys not done anywhere
3. Free Legal Classified Advertisements
4. Free Legal Research Aids not offered by anyone
5. Free LAWYER TO LAWYER Discussion Boards which are for attorneys to attorney
6. Free CLE Courses to attorneys. Just in California alone 60000 attorneys need to complete their cle requirement by Feb 1 of each year
7. Free ASK A LAWYER Discussion Boards for the public to ask free questions to attorneys on their problems and for finding an attorney along with specific attorney search features.

Attorney Et Al's success is predicated on both being the first legal social media site for both the public and attorneys and also on offering every type of service free which an attorney would seek to make his practice both more effective and profitable.

One of the first investors in the company is Michael Noda, the President of California Financial and Investment Advisors, Inc