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Attorney in Los Angeles Discuss Trusts and the Personal Benefits

Trust-based estate plans have a number of significant benefits for the trust-maker says Los Angeles attorney Lars Kushner


Beverly Hills, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/13/2020 --Typically, when considering the benefits of Estate Planning, it's usually in the context of surviving friends, family, and dependents. However, at the Kushner Legal Corporation, it's important to note that the use of trust-based estate plans can have several significant benefits for the trust-maker. For more go to: https://kushnerlegal.com/personal-benefits-of-a-trust/

Benefit of Estate Planning and Trusts
A common concern raised during estate planning consultations is a discussion of the impact of incapacity and how that can affect an estate plan. A critical benefit of Trust-based estate plans is it will often name a successor Trustee who can step in if the worst should occur. The successor trustee can manage Trust assets thereby sidestepping the need for undesirable and costly legal proceedings like a guardianship or a conservatorship.

In the event a trust-makers becomes incapacitated, there are actions in place to makes sure their wishes are respected. Trusts can also act as shields to protect from court interference while a trust-maker is alive and this is a significant to the use of a trust instead of a will.

Benefit of a Trust
A second personal benefit to the use of a Trust is privacy. Trusts are private processes that are administered outside of the purview of the public probate court process. Probate can be costly and time-consuming and requires the notification of potential successors, trust-based planning avoids these issues entirely.

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