ATV Driver Adomas Gancierius Was Held off in Enduro Sprint Race in Kalvarija by a Flat Tire


Hangzhou, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/22/2020 --The second stage of the Lithuanian Enduro Sprint championship was held on Saturday and CFMOTO factory Racing Team member, CFMOTO CFORCE 1000 ATV driver Adomas Gancierius participated in it.

Only a week ago, the first stage of the Lithuanian Enduro Sprint championship was held in Vidriži town, Latvia. Now, the season's battle was moved to Kalvarija track in Lithuania. According to CFMTO Factory Racing Team ATV driver Adomas Gancerius, the team's mechanics managed to fix a few things during the week on his ATV, therefore the athlete started in Kalvarija with an already improved vehicle.

"After the first stage, we fixed a few parts on ATV. We made certain solutions for the oversteer, including the removal of the Steering limiter, which allowed a bigger turn the wheel but also increased the possibility to brake he Outer CVT joint, However, everything is great if you are going in a stable and safe manner", said Adomas.

In the second stage of Enduro Sprint in Kalvarija, Adomas had a successful ride right from the start. Kalvarija track truly impressed the athlete. Enduro as well as cross tests represented a wide variety of range elements. There were two laps of 47 kilometers ready for Enduro Sprint participants altogether.

"Right after the start, we had a first test – motocross track. It was a particularly interesting place in a forest section with three steep hills, in which ATV just falls through. However, the passage crossing was rather easy – much easier than in Latvia. The second speed section was attractive not only to me but also to the majority of others. There were many simple, fast turns, which makes a perfect track for ATVs", Adomas added.

The race was smooth for Adomas Gancierius. He was going in the middle of the lineup most of the time and was climbing up the positions well. However, at the start of the last speed section - the cross-test - he managed to puncture the tire.

"We tried to fix it yet didn't Succeed because of the lack of time; therefore, I was doing the last test with a flat tire, which was rather difficult. Turning to the right was especially hard as the puncture was on the left tire I had to put a lot of effort in steering my ATV", said Adomas. In the last ATV course line-up, Adomas was 9th among 14 participants.

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