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Aurience and Apogee Expand their Alliance to Increase Awareness of the World's Great Performance Arts through the Power of Media and Technology

Aurience Ltd, an international media consulting group, and the Apogee Foundation, a global arts philanthropy, are expanding their creative alliance by integrating Aurience's media and technology enhancements throughout Apogee's programs to discover, develop and celebrate artistic excellence worldwide.


London, UK and New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/06/2009 -- Aurience Ltd., an EU media consulting group, and The Apogee Foundation, a US arts philanthropy, are expanding their alliance promoting the world's great performing arts traditions through media and technology enhancements.

Apogee President Kenneth Schneider, also now serving as CEO of Aurience Media following the successful launch of the alliance, said: "Apogee's global family of professionals has achieved a marvelous record of innovation discovering, developing and celebrating artistic excellence around the world. The Aurience team is proud to further this legacy by extending the reach, scope and effectiveness of Apogee's mission and operations through a full spectrum of media and technology enhancements."

Aurience-Apogee co-productions will include film, broadcast, recording and interactive media and communications projects designed to:

- broaden the exposure and experience of Apogee Awards laureates by documenting and publicizing their talents and achievements

- maximize the accessibility and impact of Apogee Academy training programs for participants and audiences worldwide, and

- upgrade Apogee Artists events and productions into international showcases promoting gifted emerging artists and celebrating creative excellence worldwide.

During the coming season, a primary focus of these efforts will be the ongoing evolution of Apogee's Synergy Programs promoting intercultural collaboration among the world's great creative and spiritual traditions. For more information on these programs, see: and

To listen to a podcast interview with Kenneth Schneider discussing Aurience Ltd's collaboration with The Apogee Foundation visit: (AAC with slideshow - free download of Quicktime or iTunes required) or (MP3 audio version without slideshow).

The Aurience-Apogee alliance began in 2006 with radio and television broadcasting of Apogee events in the former Soviet Union, and continued in 2007 with a grant by Aurience of audio-video, photo and computer equipment for archiving of Apogee's activities around the world. In 2008, the two organizations escalated their collaboration by co-producing live and recorded Synergy Program events in New Orleans and Los Angeles, a continuing project with additional phases scheduled for production in Europe and Asia during 2009.

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About Aurience Ltd. ®
Aurience Ltd. is an international media & technology consulting group with the motto "Work to Inspire." The firm has particular strengths in developing and implementing new forms of East-West market synergies, and special capabilities at the elite levels of the arts and athletics sectors of these industries and regions.

About The Apogee Foundation ®
The term "ap'-o-gee" means "the highest point, the culmination." The Foundation’s vision is guided by the belief in the power of the performance arts to embody and inspire the pursuit of human excellence. By virtue of this vision and Apogee's innovative approach to its implementation, the Foundation has become an internationally recognized platform for the fostering and promotion of mankind’s greatest vision of itself.

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