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Auscrete's "ASCKD" $15 Million Revenues Expected Next Year as Goldendale Plant Launches


Rufus, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/03/2017 --Auscrete Corporation's (OTCMKTS:ASCKD) ("ASCKD") new Goldendale, WA plant will produce 11 "Affordable" homes this coming quarter as the production plant starts producing. ASCK will use its pilot facility equipment at the site until their new production building is completed in October. Pilot plant capacity is only 12 homes per year but the new production building will come on line in October.

Typically, the average price for a 1,500-sq. ft. home is $150,000 which means revenue's this year should be around $1.65 million. 2018 will see maximum plant output for the whole year giving the company $15 million in revenues and a positive bottom line.

Auscrete's business model predicts earnings in the 25% range and management is very confident and comfortable with these margins, due to the efficiency of the Auscrete production process. Not only is the finished product efficient, the entire production process is equally efficient, with little to no waste.

Conservative estimates of the potential bottom-line net  is in the $3-4 Million range per annum, which is very realistic and obtainable, once again due to the unique production process that Auscrete has designed and developed.

Auscrete finally completed financing and completed the purchase contract last Monday for acquisition of 10 Acres on the Goldendale Industrial Estate. Local contractors will commence earthworks in 2-3 weeks following completion of Building Codes Department approvals. The first building of 25,000 sq. ft. will commence construction immediately and begin production of building products for home production when it is half complete. Building construction will continue and will be finished by November 15.

Company Investor Relations spokesman, Lee Odom states "This flagship facility's asset base should please investors as a company producing revenues of $15 million per annum plus value of land, equipment and goodwill will typically be rewarded with a very favorable market cap moving forward".

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About Auscrete Corporation
Auscrete Corporation (OTCMKTS:ASCKD) is a building materials manufacturing company and constructor of "GREEN" energy efficient housing and commercial structures built from Auscrete developed lightweight hybrid concrete/insulation wall and roof panels. Structures built of this medium have very low maintenance needs and, being concrete, are highly resistant to insects and mold. They have considerable mass and are highly resistant to hurricane forces and earth tremors. They will not catch fire and burn. Auscrete is planning to establish their Flagship Facility in Goldendale, WA.

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