Ausmetics Showcases Nontoxic Skin Care Products in the 19th CBME


Guangzhou, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/24/2019 --Ausmetics is glad to announce that it will participate in the 19th CBME (Children Baby Maternity Expo) on 24th-26th July 2019 in Shanghai, China (Booth No: 7.2 Hall, E67 District). With over 20 years of experience, Ausmetics focuses on the research and development of non toxic skin care & body care products with organic, natural and free cosmeceutical collection.

CBME, held annually in Shanghai, China, is the world's largest comprehensive trade fair for children, baby and maternity products and services. The 19th CBME is a showcase where more than 3,300 suppliers and 4,700 brands from Australia, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States, etc. will introduce their latest products. Over 90,000 trade buyers can have the chance to meet with pre-qualified suppliers in a private setting to discuss product specifications and facilitate sourcing experience in the three-day event. Furthermore, industry experts from all around the world will impart their knowledge and expertise at CBME China's industry summits and seminars.

Ausmetics gears up to participate in the 19th CEME and bring its best non toxic skin care products to Shanghai. Ausmetics, an expert in OEM skincare for twenty years, is well-known for its pursuit of chemical free skin care products. The high quality products and superior services have earned Ausmetics a good reputation in the cosmetic industry. enable it to sell products to the whole world.

In the field of anti-allergy, Ausmetics successfully develops skincare products with excellent effects for sensitive skin and allergies. Aimed at solving the sensitive skin problems, two of its skincare products are popular among many customers across the globe: Single-use Anti-allergy Serum as well as Sensitive Skin Sooth & Moisture Spray. These two innovative skincare products work better together; they not only regulate skin's moisture stability and keep the skin moisturized, but also establish a protective barrier to prevent the skin from external stimuli and repair the edema and redness in the skin.

No matter what the user's skin problems are, Ausmetics has always spared no effort to create skincare products precisely for each one of them and aimed at releasing new and better skincare products. Ausmetics face creams feature antioxidant-rich formulas, which plays a significant role in hydrating and plumping the skin, visibly reducing the signs of aging and protecting the skin from free radical damage. Ausmetics offers three innovative and effective face creams as follows.

90# Allergy Prevent Cream:
- Improves low resistance
- Repairs skin barriers
- Deepens moisture

92# Sensitive Skin Sooth Repairing Cream:
- Inhibits skin irritation
- Repairs the cell membrane of the muscle base

95# Sensitive Skin Sooth Repairing Cream:
- Anti-inflammatory
- Repairs the skin problem of redness and swelling.

About Ausmetics
Ausmetics Daily Chemicals is a China-based enterprise in Guangdong with a 20-years experience in developing, designing and manufacturing cosmetics OEM and ODM. Its focus relies on researching baby-care and skin care products with natural, organic and cosmeceutical elements. These products have attracted not only consumers but also partnerships with global corporations. Ausmetics has strict standards and massive production capacity to meet the market demand. The firm's recent activities on the worldwide market with quality and sustainable product supply also earned them the Certification of High-Tech Enterprise as well as the Certification of Guangzhou Enterprise Research and Development Institutions.

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