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Aussie Life Coach, Irene Elias Poised to Help Women Feel Confident and Find True Happiness with Newly Launched eBook and Website

Aussie life coach & author Irene Elias has recently launched her new website Self Love Junkie and free e-book that inspires unhappy women to find true happiness, build healthy self-esteem and live with more passion in life through self-love.


Adelaide, South Australia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/27/2017 --All those exhausted with life and fed up of waiting to be happy, now have a friend indeed! Aussie life coach & author Irene Elias has recently launched her new website and free e-book "Self Love Junkie Starter Guide: How to Love Yourself For a Happier You"- to help unhappy women heal their heart, rediscover what makes them happy and have the confidence to go after it.

Self Love Junkie champions the smart & soulful route to love oneself which will eventually heal the heart and unveil the means to happiness.

"I am excited to announce the launch of my new website and e-book 'Self Love Junkie' which revolves around the theme of loving oneself because unless we are happy with us and from within, we can never find happiness in life. The approach here is to honor your body, mind, spirit, and emotions as when you honor yourself this way, you are also honoring our Creator/universe and that renders a fulfilling feeling. My website & e-book will power you with proven tips on building up a healthy self-esteem, feel greater love and have the confidence to reach your true potential.", stated Irene.

Irene's tips to experience the most meaningful life stems from her own experiences as a struggler who has been wise enough to learn from her bad experiences and mistakes in the past. Akin to many lonely, single women and unhappy women out there who are wanting more out of life, she too had her shares of rough patches, lost love and heartbreaks. There was a time when she hit rock bottom in every aspect of life and it was then when she received the much-needed Self Love Junkie message which was composed of 8 principles- Spiritual, Empowered, Loving, Fit, Leader, Optimistic, Visionary & Expressive.

"As I began to follow the Self Love Junkie principle, my life started to uplift gradually and that too in brilliant ways I could never imagine. Now, I wish to pass on the same experience to you with my website and e-book so that you too can work up to the sweet fruits that life has to offer. We always put our key to happiness in hands of some ideal Mr. Right or an external source but you should know that love actually begins with self. When we are nourished and strengthened by self-love, our love life is transformed in magical ways."

According to her, when a person feels secure and strong in her own self-worth, she is more confident to pursue her passions, travel and explore the unknown, follow her heart, discover true love & feel at peace with her life.

"You are 'the one' who is able to save yourself and the only person you can change is you. Whatever you are looking for is right within your soul & Self Love Junkie will help you in finding your way towards it", she added in.

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Irene Elias