Austin Apartment Locators Share Inner Workings of Finding a New Place

Austin Locators answers some basic questions and shares insights into how apartment location works for those looking to move in the Austin area


Austin, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/01/2014 --Austin Locators has taken the time out of their hectic schedule helping the ever-expanding Austin population find the best places to call home to answer a few basic questions about what they do and how they help the community with their apartment searching needs. Austin Locators is a tight-knit team of industry insiders with connections across the vast field of apartment communities, complexes, condominiums and rental properties. This network is invaluable to a home hunter who usually only has access to the narrow spectrum of online forums, postings and ads typically available to searchers. Enlisting the help of a team of agents like Austin Locators opens the apartment hunter up to a resource of experienced, well-trained networkers that bring all their connections and savvy to the table. When attempting to navigate the vast, obscure and high-turnover rate of the Austin apartment hunting game, there is no better tool than having the experts at your service.

There are a few basic questions that the pros often get and they’ve outlined them here, with quick and easy answers and some insider tips to boot:

Are Austin Locators’ services truly FREE?
That one is totally true. Austin Locators collect revenue from the marketing efforts and advertising budgets of the various apartment communities they work with to connect them to new tenants.

Why should someone contact an apartment locator?
Using a professional, well-established service like Austin Locators saves time and money, and may help avoid getting stuck in a really unfortunate living situation when something much better could have been right around the corner. Locators have in-depth profiles of each apartment community’s requirements and features.

When should someone begin searching for apartments?
Begin searching right away if at all possible. Some residents always keep an eye on listings even if their lease has months left on it. With the representation of Austin Locators, many apartment communities can hold apartments for up to 60 days in advance of move-in.

Can someone find better prices on his or her own?
This one’s a definite NO. Apartment hunters who find listings online, in print ads or through friends will always have the same rates quoted them. The added resource of Austin Locators enables searchers the insight on specials and coupons for new tenants that can help sweeten the deal.

Does Austin Locators search for townhomes, duplexes and condos too?
Austin Locators are not only privy to apartment communities that feature townhome-style floor plans, but there is also a large network of rental properties that include homes, townhomes, duplexes and condos as well.

About Austin Locators
All of Austin Locators are licensed, experienced Texas real estate agents, laser-focused on the best opportunities for new lodgings for their clients in Austin.

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