Austin-Based Tech Firm Kickstarts Revolutionary Lock for Outdoor Gear


Austin, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/26/2016 --Austin-based firm goLock™ Technology Inc. has created a new locking mechanism for outdoor gear which alerts owners if their gear is tampered with. Hailed as revolutionary for outdoor enthusiasts, bikers, and construction workers, the goLock VENTURE™ is currently being funded through Kickstarter.

According to founder Steve Jones, the concept for goLock VENTURE™ was created after a coastal fishing trip. Jones and his friends stopped at a diner, locked up their gear, then realized that all it would take was a pair of bolt cutters for their trip to be ruined.

VENTURE™ was designed to alert gear owners to interference with their lock in two different ways. First, if the cable is cut or the lock is tampered with, the lock emits a loud alarm. Second, it alerts a user via their smartphone that something has gone wrong with the lock.

The device is contained within a hard shell plastic case which endures through both sunny, hot weather and inclement conditions. Its hidden antenna communicates with smartphones via both cellular and Bluetooth communications, ensuring that its signals get through. When armed, it shows twin LED lights. The alarm, which sounds if either the cable is cut or the lock itself is tampered with, is 90 decibels, approximately the volume of a passing motorcycle. Users can monitor the status of the VENTURE™ through the goLock app on their cell phone; the app can be paired with multiple locks, so that all of your gear is kept safe.

GoLock is currently working towards securing its complete funding goal so that the company can begin production on VENTURE™ locks. Several funding levels remain available at

About goLock™ Technology
GoLock™ Technology was founded in 2014 to protect outdoor gear, whether it be camping or fishing equipment, cycles, or tools, from those who would take them away from rightful owners. As an outdoor enthusiast himself, Steve Jones, company founder, wanted a lock that would not only deter thieves but would also alert him if something was wrong with his gear. When he couldn't find that himself online, he decided to build it.

To find out more about goLock™ Technology, go to their website at, or learn more about their Kickstarter campaign at The campaign also includes videos demonstrating the lock in use.