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Austin Security Solutions Leads Industry with Glassgate Optical Turnstiles

Smarter Security’s line of Glassgate optical turnstiles match modern architectural design with advanced security tech for world-class enterprise application


Austin, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/01/2014 --Smarter Security, Austin-based physical security systems developer and provider, defines leading edge technology in the field with their selection of Glassgate optical turnstiles. The Glassgate turnstile collection combines a sleek, modern, architectural design direction with the most advanced and proprietary technology available on the market today. Glassgate turnstiles come in a variety of different configurations for use in offices, buildings and lobbies around the world.

These sleek, futuristic gates are perfect for any structure whose character relies on modern design principles, unobtrusive influx management and state-of-the-art security and metrics. Smarter Security’s advanced monitoring technology enables building management access to new levels of complex data sets regarding entry, exit, attendance and entry/exit frequency measurements.

Glassgate variations are available for a global diversity of applications. The compact Glassgate 150 features a minimal design aesthetic with bidirectional glass barriers. The glass barriers fit evenly inside the turnstile walls, allowing unobstructed use of the entire lane while creating a more sophisticated appearance than traditional rotary bar designs.

Technological appointments include peerless tailgate contact detection, speed, and alarm accuracy, with IP connectivity for optimum performance and lower total cost of ownership. IP connectivity refers to an intranet-based monitoring solution for the turnstiles themselves, allowing for immediate access to behavior and usage data of each unit, enabling instantaneous maintenance and information-gathering for extended operating life and ease of ownership.

The models continue to expand on the sublime simplicity and functionality of the Glassgate 150, with the Glassgate 300 introducing ground-breaking design into the bidirectional glass barrier system. This model is available in three different heights, from standard pedestal-height up to 5’. Glass side panels are used in place of the steel panels in the more minimal designs, creating a more open feel while providing the highest security.

The Glassgate 400 expands even further on the marriage of design and technology of the earlier models, featuring elegant bidirectional glass barriers that can be built up to a height of 6’. The Glassgate 400 is intended for maximum deterrence applications, loaded with unsurpassed tailgate detection, speed, and alarm accuracy. These large barrier models are designed to impede unauthorized users and provide full monitoring to the enterprise, with a locking barrier option that keeps out unwanted entrants. The pedestals are only 8.6” wide, narrower than most any other glass turnstile available.

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