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Australian Adventurer on Quest to Find Putin's Tiger


Douglas, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/25/2014 --On a journey fuelled by serendipity and sheer gumption, one man finds himself on a quest to reconcile the events of a rambunctious Siberian tiger making his way along the Sino-Russian Border.

9,295 km from his home in Sydney, Australian journeyman, Peter Pecotic, finds himself firmly entrenched in a mysterious case of a rogue Siberian tiger running amuck along the Amur River.

A successful entrepreneur and current MD for Turningpoint Solutions, Peter flew into the city of Harbin in the Heilongjian province of Northern China on a whim. Upon arrival, Peter stumbled upon the story of Kuzya, a Siberian tiger raised in captivity that was released back into the wild earlier this year by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Through some enigmatic twist of fate, Peter chanced a meeting with a local forest ranger seeking to track down the seemingly playful big cat interloping in the Russian Far East and Northern China.

Peter and co-filmmaker Xiaoqing He are due to return next week to continue documenting this journey with the tiger-searching team in Heilongjiang Province, China and with Russian nature conservationists in the birch forests of the Russian Far East.

The film seeks to accurately portray the lives of the denizens along the Sino-Russian border as they have now been brought together in their search for Kuzya the tiger.

In taking the opportunities presented by life and guided by his inherent spirit for adventure, Peter’s documentary, In Search of Putin’s Tiger, offers a rare glimpse into a world vastly different than our own.

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About Xiaoqing He (Qing)
QING was born in Shanghai, China and has since lived in different cities in Asia and Europe. She speaks six languages - Mandarin, Shanghainese, French, Italian, English and Tibetan, and is learning Russian at the moment.

Graduated with a masters degree in Tibetan and Himalayan Studies from the University of Oxford, she went on working as a fixer and stills photographer with Éric Valli (an Oscar-nominated filmmaker, National Geographic photographer) on a documentary project about the Yangtze River in China and Tibet during six months (Feb-Aug 2014).

About Peter Pecoti
PETER was born in Sydney, Australia to parents that both come from the Dalmatian part of Croatia, Former-Yugoslavia.…
He speaks some Mandarin, Thai, German, Croatian/ Serbian, and, of course, Australian.
Living in and running a business events production company in Shanghai for the past 10 years, he has always been fascinated in how messages and stories transcend cultures, and can bring people togeth