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AuthenticID and Danal Create Partnership to Power Authentication and Identity Proffing


Manchester, NH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/03/2018 --AuthenticID, the premier provider of biometric authentication and verification, announced today that it joined hands with Danal, Inc., a global leader in mobile identity and authentication solutions. Danal's Mobile Identity Platform is now available and fully integrated with AuthenticID CatfishAIR® Biometric Identity Platform. The partnership addresses many of the retail challenges faced by the mobile network operators and other enterprise customers that balance the physical and digital points of sale.

With data breaches becoming commonplace, traditional Knowledge-Based Authentication schemes have become weak and easy pickings for fraudsters. The challenge is severe for large service providers who offer services via multiple channels such as retail (point of sale), phone, mobile, online, etc. Hence, enterprises globally are looking towards real-time un-spoofable signals to help proof new customers and authenticate interactions.

The combined platform is on track to cover 3 Billion+ consumers across 192 countries and offers an unparalleled low friction user experience that Mobile Network Operators and Service Providers can trust. Using the platform Operators and Service providers can proof the identity of a consumer via three different real-time modalities. The platform associates a presented identity with the biometrics collected by the platform, first by scanning and authenticating their ID (driver's license, passport, or other official government documents) and then comparing a selfie to the photo on the document. This data is then corroborated with most recent consumer data from mobile network operators and other authoritative data sources. Once matched a completely proofed identity is established at the enterprise, thus eliminating the opportunity for any bad actors to get in.

"With AuthenticID's platform we can be confident we know who is holding the mobile device in a way that was never possible before," said Jim Greenwell, CEO at Danal, Inc. "This makes identity verification real-time, fraudproof and easy at the same time for both physical retail and digital channels."

"The Danal Global Identity Solution is impressive, so it's not surprising it's on track to have over 3 billion consumers," said Blair Cohen, Chief Evangelist for AuthenticID. "We are excited that AuthenticID is now going to be a part of this solution which is a huge win for consumers, merchants, and the MNOs."

About Danal
Danal, Inc. is the premier global provider of mobile identity and authentication solutions driven by unique real-time connections to mobile operator networks and data. Danal's patented technology solves for multiple use cases across various industry verticals such as financial institution, healthcare, marketplaces, e-commerce, hospitality, etc. The supported use cases range from solving for compliance (GDPR, KYC, AML, TCPA, etc.), Identity proofing (computer vision, video streaming, biometrics and machine learning) during registration, high-value transactions and access control plus user experience improvements (auto form-fill, instant enrollment, guest check-out, etc.) and fraud prevention (account takeover, SIM fraud, device spoofing, malware, etc.). Danal, Inc. is a privately held US company whose investors include Discover Financial Services, Morgenthaler Group, Orange Telecom, Bangkok Bank, Experian and Danal Co, Ltd. Get in Touch.

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About AuthenticID
Based in Manchester, N.H., AuthenticID is the premier automated cloud-based real-time mobile identity authentication platform, providing remote biometrically enabled real-time identity authentication and decisioning on mobile devices anywhere, anytime. Our mission is to revolutionize the use and management of identity to empower customer transactions in the most secure, seamless, and frictionless way possible. AuthenticID also has distribution partnerships that provide broad coverage and services globally. AuthenticID is a wholly owned subsidiary of ID Metrics Inc., a privately held US company.

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