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Author, Alissia Jayne's Debut Book Launches Soon


Deer Park, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/10/2015 --Alissia Jayne, who has lived in Deer Park, Illinois since 2013 is officially releasing her first book, God Flips Burgers, on December 11th, just in time for Christmas. The book goes back in time to her childhood days where she felt at One with God as she viewed the world through eyes of innocence. It's a great reminder to readers not to take life too seriously, and that true spirituality is all about play and having fun rather than taking life and yourself too seriously.

Along with Alissia's own stories and memories from childhood, the book also includes practical advice and suggestions to readers regarding how they can transform their life through creativity and innocence as they embark along their own road of self-discovery.

The book is published by The Light Network and will be available from and other leading online retailers from December 11th.

Alissia said, "I wrote this book with the intention of offering a different approach to spiritual growth and self-help. After years of serious study, immersion, and significant financial investment, I found myself constantly grasping for the "next program" or the "next seminar" in the hopes that it would somehow "fix" me. Yet, no book or CD program could cure my unhappiness and anxiety, nor make me more "spiritual." It became a vicious cycle with no seeming end.

"In 2012, while attending yet another seminar, a simple question arose in my mind and began to fester. As I played with this question, a profound insight occurred that ultimately altered my self-perception, my worldview, and my relationship to God. Suddenly my desperation for answers was assuaged by a joyful knowing, and from that knowing poured forward the ideas presented in this book. They seemed radical yet playful, and strikingly different than anything else I had ever read. I wagered that others might think so, as well. I invite you to purchase a copy of God Flips Burgers, and rediscover your own intimate relationship with God."

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