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Author and Mother of Three Catching a Lot of Attention with Buddha Barbie Blog Where Spirituality Meets Superficiality


West Bloomfield, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/23/2014 --The blog has been out for only a few weeks and the numbers are growing and growing. The concept for Buddha Barbie began many years ago after coming to the realization that this author and mother of three was viewed in a very different light from how she actually was.

“As a mother of three incredible children (two daughters and a son) I have always felt that it was very important to teach my children (especially my girls) that true beauty is a quality that stems from within,” explained Karin Katz.

Society, still today, puts a much greater emphasis on external beauty. Katz has been dealing with this for a long time. It is hard not to notice her outer beauty as she walks into a room, but it’s when she discusses her passion for her children, family and writing that her character shows you her true beauty. Katz would state a women’s mode of conduct, standard of courage, discipline, fortitude, and integrity show that beauty truly comes from the inside.

The picture I took for Buddha Barbie ( serves as a metaphor for the true “Karin” on the inside, and a deeply spiritual woman. She wanted to convey that spirituality could still come in a pretty and sexy package. Buddha Barbie is a blog set out to encourage women to be comfortable in their own skin and feel confident in who they are and the message that they put out into the world each day they leave their home.

Buddha Barbie is a self-help blog with an objective on education, experience, and spirituality and of course frivolity an introspective in its own way. Prior to creating this blog Katz had published two popular children’s books; “One to Ten and Over Again” and ”There’s a Fly in My Soup”. The books currently available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Her passion for writing was shared while visiting with school children in over 100 schools reading to children and speaking to them about writing. Recently she decided that she wanted to share her life’s experiences on a bigger scale with a larger platform. That’s when the idea of Buddha Barbie really came alive. “ I love the Buddha Barbie premise because it sends a message to “not judge a book by its cover” said Katz. “I’m hoping to add laughter and homeopathic remedies to everyday issues that women face.”

It is important to show in this blog that a person shouldn’t be labeled, defined or put into one type of category or stereotype in life and that it’s all right to be hot, self-driven and spiritually aware all at the same time. Human beings are complicated creatures and made up of so many various traits. The point is to embrace who we are and celebrate it.

About Karin Katz
Karin Katz graduated from Michigan State University and earned a BA in sociology with a minor in psychology, emphasizing on early childhood development, Kabbalah student and studied as a Coach Course at the Grief Academy, she has been married, divorced and in meaningful relationships. As the product of a devoted mother and holocaust-surviving father, her passion is to create simple and short educational stories that nurture the soul of a child.

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