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Author and Pregnancy Expert Darline Turner Offers an Informative and Supportive Guide for Mother's Prescribed Bed Rest During Pregnancy


Austin, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/22/2014 --As a physician assistant, women’s health and wellness coach, ACSM Clinical Exercise Specialist and perinatal fitness Instructor, Darline Turner empowers women to improve their health via individual consultations, educational workshops and seminars, nationally published health care columns and editorials and informational/instructional products. This time, she is speaking directly to mothers In her new e-book titled, “From Mamas to Mamas: The Essential Guide to Surviving Bed Rest,” where she tackles the challenges faced by mother’s on bed rest and provides valuable insight on how to survive and thrive this period before the baby arrives.

The book is a compilation of medical information, the latest research and personal tips and information from other women on prescribed bed rest. “These ladies not only survived bed rest, but they thrived on bed rest and now have beautiful babies to show for it! Read each story and be inspired by how these women refused to give up or give in when sidelined by bed rest,” explains Turner.

Each year, some 750,000 pregnant women are prescribed bed rest for all or part of their pregnancies. While the reasons for the prescription vary, one thing is fairly consistent-women go on bed rest with little or no resources, organized support or information. The goal for, “From Mamas to Mamas: The Essential Guide to Surviving Bed Rest,” is to provide the necessary information that Mamas on Bedrest need so that they are no longer left to figure it out themselves. This guide includes everything from the best body pillow, what to take to the hospital for your bed rest stay, to family leave regulations for each of the 50 states.

The book also includes a section on bed rest for Dad’s, sharing the stories and insights of men whose wives went on bed rest and how they managed their households, their children and their emotions during this time of intense transition.

The book retails for $9.99 and is available in digital e-book format from iTunes.

About Darline Turner
Darline Turner is the owner and principle of Darline Turner Enterprises, Inc., a women’s health and wellness company, and its subsidiary Mamas on Bedrest & Beyond, an online information, support and resource for pregnant on prescribed bed rest. Darline is a nationally certified physician assistant, an ACSM Clinical Exercise Specialist and Certified Perinatal Fitness Instructor. Her passion for all things pregnancy and maternal and infant health led her to earn a BS in Biology from Tufts University in 1987 and her Masters in Health Science from Duke University Medical Center in 1992 as a physician assistant. During her second pregnancy in 2006 she produced Bedrest Fitness, an exercise DVD of modified prenatal exercises for pregnant women on prescribed bed rest. In 2009 she developed and launched Mamas on Bedrest & Beyond, and dedicates much of her time to creating a “one stop shop” for pregnant women on prescribed bed rest to get information, support, resources and community and advocating for pregnant women globally. She advocates for pregnant women globally to have beautiful pregnancies, labors, deliveries and healthy babies.

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