Daoine Maithe Fantasy Trilogy

Author Dan O'Sullivan Releases Daoine Maithe Fantasy Trilogy on Amazon.com to Enthusiastic Reviews

The first three books of the compelling science fiction fantasy “Daoine Maithe" series have been published by Dan O'Sullivan and fans of the genre couldn't be more excited. The author has crafted a well-thought-out exciting world and readers can't get enough of the adventure.


Highfields, Queensland -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/30/2014 --Stepping away from the pack in the popular fantasy and science fiction niche can be difficult for an author. Finding a way to tell a story that's unique, compelling, and can draw a reader into a new world while still allowing them to care about the characters' lives takes a rare talent. All signs point towards rising Australian author Dan O'Sullivan having accomplished all this and more with her popular Daoine Maithe series.

The series recently saw its third book published on Amazon.com. Met with very passionate reviews on Amazon.com, the first three books may just be the beginning of a world that excites fantasy readers for years to come.

“The ‘Daoine Maithe’ trilogy is a fast moving, action packed series of fantasy adventure novels that I've poured my heart and soul into,” commented O'Sullivan. “It's very exciting to see how well readers have responded to Daoine Maithe and the adventures of Kelian. It's a timeless tale and the first trilogy may just be the beginning!”

The trilogy is a fantasy adventure story loosely based around the Daoine Maithe, traditionally a legendary mythical Irish people, and their dangerous fallen kindred. Equal parts adventure with well- plotted romance, thrills and fantasy with a foot in mythology, O'Sullivan is being credited by reviewers. They say the world she has created draws readers in and keeps them engaged in the characters and the cliff hangers they face as stories accelerate.

So far there are three books in the series: “The Fallen: Daoine Maithe Book 1”, “The Guardians: Daoine Book 2”, and the exciting conclusion of the first trilogy, “Child of a Guardian and the Free: Daoine Maithe Book 3”.

The books are available as both reasonably priced Kindle releases and paperbacks on Amazon.com. http://www.osullidan.com/

The series is being met with consistent passionate reviews from readers who can't get enough of O'Sullivan's work.

Katrina Kahler, recently said in a Five Star review, “I absolutely loved reading this book. It captured my interest right from the first chapter and I actually struggled to put it down! The author has masterfully woven together a captivating tale that constantly had me on the edge of my seat, wondering what was going to happen next. I am so pleased to see that there are two more in the series and I can't wait to start Book 2. This is a fabulous fantasy science fiction style adventure and I can thoroughly recommend it. A brilliant read!”

It's clear this is just the beginning for Dan O'Sullivan and Daoine Maithe.

Dan O’Sullivan