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Author, Entrepreneur, and Life Coach, Shannon D. Hughes Releases Book to Create a Run on Motivation

Available August 11th online, “Your Motivational Manual Volume #1” launches to a ready readership. Launched in early August, the book gives readers the inside track with common sensical insights meant to bring incremental change.


Chicago, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/07/2017 --Giving readers every good reason to up the ante on their own lives, entrepreneur and new author, Shannon D. Hughes has released a game changer. Known in the greater Chicago area for his no nonsense approach to life and business, Hughes has taken that same verve to the digital scene. On August 11th, with the release of his first book, "Your Motivational Manual Volume #1" he gives insight on everything from the L word to having passion, healing one's self, and no one owing anyone one a single thing. Running the gamut in real talk, the independent e-book is a wellspring of info timed just right.

Reviews are in, Livia Caudell, founder, and CEO of Conscious Wealth Builders said of the book, "Authentic, raw, real, and humble that's just who Shannon D. Hughes is to his core! The strength and power he brings to his words will inspire you to know who you are - someone who can move mountains and become the best version of yourself possible."

The author said of the book release, "Maybe it was my love for the stage in college that sparked my ability to quickly get to the heart of my audience, whether that be in print or in person. That has influenced a conversational approach that I now use in my video series on YouTube as well as in this new book. It takes very little time every day to check in with yourself and right your course. My book's chapters are short and to the point, just like life."

Having majored in psychology, Hughes uses his insight and his life coaching skills in his YouTube video series called, "My Motivational Minute." Laden with information on how to live successfully, just like in his book, the short snippets on overall well-being are meant to inspire.

So how did Hughes come to embrace his acumen? In 2007 he began his career in sales. Within three years he broadened the scope of influence and began studying with three influential investors. Soon he was certified as a real estate wholesale specialist by Real Estate World Wide Investment Team. With quick success, in 2014 he founded SD Hughes Enterprises. To that end, he has combined all of his expertise to provide optimum service nationwide.

Hughes is slated to release his second book, "If This Idiot Can Do It So Can You" at the later part of 2017. The book chronicles Shannon's journey from employee to soloprenur.

A soloprenur in action, Hughes is a part of the Speakers Coalition which highlights some of the world's most elite speakers. Additionally, the go-getter is the founder of a health and wellness website. The HealthyUpgrade4Me platform offers consumers various supplements, fitness accessories, skin care products, and numerous essentials for every member of the family.

Adding to his roster of expertise, Hughes is a service representative for merchant processor, North American Bancard. To that end, he helps business owners setup up the ability to process credit cards, checks, and online payments for their businesses. With this inroad, he is able to help lower processing rates to make high rates obsolete.

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