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Author Finn Bech Christensen Launches Kickstarter Campaign for the Market Introduction of "MALUSEN" - The Labrador

The Labrador almost Exterminated. Read the True Stories About the Labrador and How 4 Miracles Saved It from Extinct


Santa Rosa, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/07/2013 --Author Finn Bech Christensen’s two introductory main books “ The Genesis of the Labrador” and “ The Dogs in the St. Johns” describes the actual and most fantastic story about the very close course of the extermination of the Labrador, and how it was eliminated in the very last minutes. The two books and the following 30 in the series “ Fairy Tales and Stories of the Labrador” is written with a highly factual content in a humoristic and empathetic way, making it a true pleasure for the whole family to listen to, or read.

The two main books will be published through and will be available in three formats; a-book, e-book, and print on demand. The subject is interesting for many Labrador loving Americans as it has been chosen as America’s national dog with 8 million registered Labradors in the country.

All the books and project material are presently in Danish, and only in plain file formats. Funds are needed towards all preparations towards their releases. The funding goal of $138,500 will cover preparation of the books and puzzles for sale, translation and narration of the books to English, graphical production and set up the digital products and print on demand books, preparation of files for downloads to PC, tablets, and Smartphones.

As all the manuscripts are ready in Danish, the main challenges is to get the most professional translation, audio recording and set up of the books in the available formats (a-book, e-book and print on demand) in order to be delivered as scheduled.

The book series will be the foundation of a fantastic book, game and learning universe, namely MalusenLand. MalusenLand

This project will only be funded if at least $138,500 is pledged by Tuesday Aug 27, 5:43pm EDT.

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