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Author Nicole Johnson Debunks Baby Sleep Myths for New Moms in Her Latest E-Book: Essential Keys to Your Newborn's Sleep


Westerville, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/17/2013 --Nicole Johnson, the Founder of Baby Sleep Site®, is pleased to release her new e-book, geared toward helping new moms cope with the struggles that come along with newborn sleep. It’s never too soon to come up with a sleep plan for a new baby. Nicole Johnson is here to help pregnant moms prepare with ESSENTIAL KEYS TO YOUR NEWBORN’S SLEEP (e-book, all formats: $9.99).

Nicole Johnson offers the truth behind the many myths moms everywhere are told as they prepare for the arrival of their newborn baby:

MYTH: All babies should sleep through the night by 4 months old.
FACT: 4 months is often the time that a baby may be physically able to sleep through the night, but many babies need a night feed until around 6 months, if bottle fed, or 9 months, if breastfed. Not all babies are the same.

MYTH: If baby is tired enough, she will sleep through the night, or take a long nap.
FACT: Over-tiredness actually causes difficultly falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep and increased waking in the early morning hours.

MYTH: Babies wake because they are breast-fed.
FACT: Infants wake because their nervous system is still immature and incapable of sleeping through the night. Older babies wake because they are unable to soothe.

MYTH: My baby is just a poor sleeper. There’s nothing I can do about it.
FACT: Sleep is influenced by BOTH a baby’s natural makeup, and how we respond to them. Parents have a large influence over baby’s sleep.

MYTH: My baby is happy and does not need a nap.
FACT: Babies and toddlers compensate tiredness by appearing even more alert.

“When baby sleeps properly,” says Nicole Johnson, “the whole family is at ease. My team and I are here to help you get there.”

For more baby sleep myths dispelled by Nicole Johnson, visit: http://www.babysleepsite.com/baby-sleep-resources-health-care-providers/

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About Nicole Johnson
Nicole Johnson is the President of Baby Sleep Site®, which was founded in 2008. She began her journey to help moms cope with their babies’ sleep schedule by leading an internet-based message board. Her goal was for new parents to overcome their own sleeping challenges much quicker than she had. Following that, she created the official Baby Sleep Site (http://www.babysleepsite.com) and expanded her offerings to include e-books, articles, a blog, and customized sleep consulting. The feedback from around the world has been incredible. The Baby Sleep Site® enjoys almost 500,000 visitors per month and has personally helped over 10,000 families overcome their babies’ sleep challenges. Nicole and her team offer professional, sound support that works.