Author Sharon Pike Pens a New Collection of Short Stories Ranging Across Several Time Periods

Crushed Shells Includes Tales from the Civil War to the Dust Bowl of 1932


Atlanta, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/16/2017 --Crushed Shells offers readers a psychological escape from a fresh, new perspective. The issues at play throughout the stories vary from time and place. Read about happy and sad moments that life offers such as relaxing on the beach and the trials and tribulations of growing older.

"Sunshine states glare with a withering stare that drag my verve into puddles of myself. It hurts my eyes. The humidity of oozy swelter pushes against my lungs...I can't breathe. The happiness of the sun has always been more than I could tolerate. Too much happiness makes me feel obligated to produce. Produce something...I don't know what. A lovely storm grants me space to rest and refocus."

The short stories in this collection have been a part of Sharon's life for over two decades. "This collection of stories has been part of my writings for about twenty-five years. To choose which ones to include and to polish them took about two months. The time to write them individually is incalculable," shares Sharon. "I think that this book will be fun as well as informative from the various stories. There is also an element of pathos with all of them that could perhaps bring a tear to the reader's eye. For instance, they could learn about events surrounding 9/11 from a pastor's perspective."

Sharon Pike will be selling Crushed Shells at an event called Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America in Minneapolis, Minnesota, this July. She will also be presenting her short stories at the Decatur Book Festival this summer in Decatur, Georgia.

Crushed Shells is available on Amazon, Apple iTunes,, Kobo, and

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