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Author Simon Luria to Release in-Depth Panama Papers Book April 23


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/22/2016 --Simon Luria, a notoriously controversial author with decades of writing and publication experience. This week he announced his book, The Panama Papers: The Largest Financial Scandal of Modern Times, Volume 1, it will officially be available for purchase this Saturday, April 23, 2016. A bold author who never shies away from the restrictions of political correctness, Luria dives headfirst into some of the most eye-opening events of the last century.

"There is no doubt at all, this will be the largest financial scandal ever to emerge in modern times – and we just so happen to be living during it," said Luria. "Our world thought its highest leaders had moved past illegal money funneling through hidden schemes. These papers prove that heads of state and prominent global leaders from every region of the world can't deny the opportunity for hidden financial fraud."

A writer with a flair for finance, geopolitics, foreign policy, religion, medicine, and the overall state of the world, Luria has been covering topics from Judaism to Addiction and everything in between during his tenure. The Panama Papers, a massive worldwide financial fraud exposure that saw the Prime Minister of Iceland resign amidst the outbreak, falls right into the categories of what Luria loves to research and write about.

"We live in a politically correct world today, which is why it's so important to refuse to fit the mold and report on what's really happening," said Luria. "In this book, we look at the wide-ranging conspiracies, members involved, implications, and lurid details that other authors wouldn't dare touch. We analyze the statistics, and expose whole governments and hidden leaders for their true colors."

The Panama Papers: The Largest Financial Scandal of Modern Times looks at who the key figures are, complete statistics of the scandal, Shell Companies, implications for whole governments worldwide, the global impact and how it will change everything in the future, and more discreet details not yet broadcasted by global media. Additionally, the book includes links to the original documentation from the initial Leak.

"Get ahead of this life-changing financial meltdown that was exposed on April 5, 2016," said Luria. "Several politicians and prominent will fall. Several already have. Let us dive into the damning pages of the Panama Papers."

Luria is constantly writing on topics like financial influence in politics, capitalism in Cuba, religious extremist impacts, and so forth.

The Panama Papers: The Largest Financial Scandal of Modern Times will officially be available for purchase on Amazon this weekend. The book will also be available on Kindle.

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