Announces One-Time Advertising Promotion for Authors and Publishing Agents


Tampa, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/12/2014, the website that delivers its members daily information on current discounted Kindle books, has just announced a major promotion designed especially for Kindle authors and publishing agencies. During the spring season, from March 1 through May 31, AuthorOffer will give a one-time $25 discount that authors and publishers can use to promote one of their books via one of the company’s advertising packages. According to AuthorOffer Editorial Manager, Sally Anderson, “We receive many submissions per day and select only a fraction to highlight on our site. We try to balance the needs of the authors against our goal of highlighting only a select number of relevant books. This offer gives authors and publishers the chance to become active participants in the promotion of their books.”

The company has issued a special promotion code - “2014spring25off”- which authors and publishers can use when they want to take advantage of the discount. Using the code is quite simple. AuthorOffer has a separate page on their website dedicated specifically to advertising, and when authors and publishers navigate to this page, they can enter the code to receive their discount. By advertising their books, authors and publishers will generate the buzz and visibility essential to success; they will increase readership and their fan base, and they will boost the sale of full-priced books and be able to better promote new releases.

AuthorOffer was created by individuals with years of experience in the retail book industry, the publishing world, and the realm of online media. The website offers one of the fastest-growing services on the Internet, as Kindle readers turn to the service to find the best free downloads. For authors and publishers, promoting their books for a free or discounted price (briefly) allows them to garner a great deal of attention, as some authors have received over 20,000 downloads after appearing on the site.

The site works by sending daily emails to its members with recommendations for downloads. These members establish their favorite categories, and the AuthorOffer service sends them emails with suggestions on which books to download and read. For the readers, it is a streamlined process that gets them popular and relevant materials to read; and for the authors and publishers, it is an effective way to get the word out about their books.

More information is available at Authors and publishing agents can also contact AuthorOffer directly from their website by filling out the embedded form on the site’s “Contacts” page.

About AuthorOffer was created by people with experience in book retailing, book publishing and online media, so they know how to find the best book offers and present them to the readers. That’s how they are rapidly becoming the leading daily-deal email service for digital books. In fact, the are growing every day.

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