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Auto Smart Offer Launches Hassle-Free Car Buying and Selling Platform with a Commission-Free Approach

A new automotive business concept takes the floor to bring commission-free car selling and buying to market with a win/win advantage. Revolutionizing the car industry with a technology-based system, the site simplifies the process for dealerships and consumers.


Chevy Chase, MD -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/04/2016 --Could it be true? Did someone actually think outside-the-box so consumers can buy a car without the aggravation of having to deal with a car salesman? They did. Enter, Auto Smart Offer. They're the newly-launched platform that lets a car buyer choose the car they want, at the price they want, in the area they want. Then equipped with new leads, local car dealerships vie for the opportunity to win them over with the best car prices possible. But not just the best auto prices, the best out-the-door car prices based on a commission-free advantage. Can someone say, "Where do I make my dream car request?"

Helping consumers not waste another minute haggling with angling salespeople, Auto Smart Offer is dedicated to one thing. They won't let a car buyer pay more than the price they want for a new or used car. Consumers just register for an account and create a profile to single out the car and price they like. Then, the platform does its magic to alert local dealerships and have them submit offers via e-mail. Consumers have two days to compare prices at their leisure. When they're ready, they make a choice, contact the dealership, confirm the deal, and pick up the car. It's free, at their own pace, and on their own terms.

Sam Komeha, CEO of Auto Smart Offer said of the technology-based approach, "Auto Smart Offer was founded on the premise that, in this age of technology, there simply has to be a way to tackle commission-free car selling. This platform is a win/win business proposition for the dealerships because they get unlimited leads for less than $23 a day and increase their car sales volume and revenue. And it's a win for the car buyer by saving time and money with commission-free car buying."

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Auto Smart Offer is a division of Auto Smart Deals, LLC based in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

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