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Avatar Ventures Corp. and Konciniti LLC of Texas Finalize Licensing/Royalty Agreement


Carson City, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/19/2016 --Avatar Ventures Corp. (OTCPINK:ATAR) ("Avatar" "ATAR" or "the Company) is extremely pleased to announce it has finalized its License/Royalty Agreement with KONCINITI LLC of Texas. AVATAR and KONCINITI both agree that the synergies of both companies resonates equally the pursuit of success.

Paul Matsumoto, Owner of KONCINITI stated, "We are so elated with the opportunity that AVATAR presented to us. We were looking to get into the printed garment business and Mr. Minnema happened to come across some of our designs and stated that AVATAR has the ability to press them onto cotton in full color with amazing durability. We expressed that KONCINITI was looking into entering the printed garment arena. Mr. Minnema suggested this business model and delivered us a sample. We are now very excited and look forward to proceeding.

MR. Minnema, President of AVATAR added that this business model will be used as a template for future interested parties. In general and in short, the terms are as follows:

-KONCINITI is responsible for the purchase of all equipment

-KONCINITI will provide its own online store

-KONCINITI will purchase associated heat transfer products from AVATAR's brand called 2BSEENTRANSFERS

-KONCINITI will pay to AVATAR a monthly Royalty. The Royalty will be on a per item soldbasis. For every item priced below $25 AVATAR will receive $3, items $25-50 AVATAR will receive $4, and over $50 AVATAR will receive $5.

-Upon successful commencement of business AVATAR will compensate KONCINITI LLC or whom it delegates $7500 worth of restricted stock, in this situation, par value of $0.03 (250,000 shares)

-KONCINITI will include on each garment a TEES2BSEEN Logo

-KONCINITI will have the option to reduce the Royalty payments by 50% by paying AVATAR a sum of $75,000

-AVATAR has provided KONCINITI an incentive bonus of 150,000 shares if KONCINITI attains $1.5 million in sales in any 12 month period.

-AVATAR will provide know how, access to product, designs, new products, leads, marketing and promotion. AVATAR will provide at no charge consulting and advisory experience.

The full License/Royalty agreement will be available on our OTCMARKETS.COM corporate page.

Based on this model, Mr Minnema states that each officially associated Partner should achieve close to a 100% margin on their products, or higher. Initial costs to get started are minimal and presents ground breaking opportunities for those who may be interested in providing Virtual Photographic Quality images on garments with vibrancy, vitality and durability, along with access to future products.

About Konciniti LLC
Konciniti is a multi-disciplinary design and entertainment studio with expertise in music, graphic design, film, promotion and marketing Upon successful negotiations. Konciniti will produce, design, animate and promote an artist's dream and vision to reality.

You can visit their website at http://www.konciniti.com or contact by email Paul Matsumoto at paulmatsumoto233@gmail.com

AVATAR is a company which has an agreement in place with AutoArt Color Solutions of Oakville, Ontario, Canada, and has been developing and testing unique t-shirt and other garment products for sale in the multi-billion dollar garment industry. AVATAR has the right to use, promote, distribute and sell products developed by AutoART in the Caribbean. Avatar's own unique products, the WRITE-N-WIPE-TEES, the ORIGINAL-ARTIST-TEES and the Virtually Photographic Quality prints and t-shirts will be available worldwide. Avatar is also looking into other areas to generate sales such with art, sports, music and others who may wish to collaborate.

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