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Avatar Ventures/Tees2BSeen Business Model to Put a New Spin on the $20 Billion T'Shirt Printing Industry


Carson City, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/09/2016 --Avatar Ventures Corp. (OTCPINK:ATAR) ("Avatar" "ATAR" or "the Company") and TEES2BSEEN, wishes to inform its investors, shareholders, prospective shareholders and other interested parties on how AVATAR will proceed with its business model going forward.

Currently and in general small and some medium suppliers in the printed fabric market utilize a number of major players that provide t-shirts production to many designers, graphic artists, corporations and so forth. These t-shirts etc. are not produced in house but by third parties. One can basically create a design, sign up with one of the larger companies, the larger company provides the shirts, adds the design, and if required will pack and ship on behalf of the client. The client will then basically receive a predetermined amount per shirt. The margins can be generally about 25% upwards, depending on the price of the t-shirt or other garment.

Ed Minnema, CEO of AVATAR states that AVATAR's business model will provide a different "spin" on this industry. As stated in AVATAR's previous press release AVATAR is in discussions via a Letter of Intent signed with Konciniti LLC of TEXAS. Discussions are continuing favourably. AVATAR feels though that it should relate to investors and others our new concept without going into pertinent details of the agreement. If and when an agreement is reached it will be used as a basic template for future business partnerships, and likewise posted to the AVATAR OTC Markets profile.

Alternatively t-shirt entrepreneurs, future or existing can use AVATAR's model, whicg is both low cost and provides amazing product., AVATAR will provide the knowledge and materials for t-shirt printing which will provide a profit margin in the 80%, or higher range. Affiliates, or clients of AVATAR will not need to carry inventory or have exceptionally large production areas. Affiliates can easily provide one off t-shirts, a not widely available service available to consumers. These products will be attractively priced, with, of course, our very attractive vibrant images, and still offer our partners great margins.

Overhead is kept to a minimum.

Turnaround time to consumers could, in all actuality be within 15 minutes. Partners could print and ship a one off t-shirt in that amount of time. This advantage provides a new type of revenue stream for our Partners. They could literally set up at a fair or exhibition and print and press high resolution vibrant continuous tone images onto t-shirts, on demand, or they could just set up a table displaying the shirts and take orders, printing and shipping at a later time. So, imagine you're at a rock concert, and through a previous arrangement with the band, after or prior to the show, the band members could have amazing photos taken with their fans, individually, and you could print the shirt and the fan leaves with it, paying a premium for instant quality for a high quality image. Its PERSONAL, ITS ONE OF A KIND, AND IT CAN BE AUTOGRAPHED, ON THE SPOT, IN PERSON, TOTALLY AUTHENTIC.

Mr. Minnema also stated that the business model would ideally have one top affiliate in each state, provinces and other countries. Each would have their own online store, they would sell their own designs and products using AVATAR's specialized products, but each would also carry AVATAR products and products that may be the result of collaborations or licensing agreements with artists, singers, musicians, bands, sport stars, celebrities or photographers etc. This model would provide immense exposure to different demographics as each online store is unique and has its own regular visitors. This model supports immense opportunities for and future partners.

AVATAR had shipped a sample to KONCINITI LLC which was received on the 6th of August by owner Paul Matsumoto. With permission we have included a screenshot of our resulting conversation. We have also included a picture, with permission, of KONCINITI employee Joshua with his TEES2BSEEN sample.

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In other Company news, William Wilson, Consultant for AVATAR has completed his one year term. AVATAR thanks WILLIAM for his help and expertise on technical and mechanical aspects resulting where we are today. William will continue to advise and consult for AVATAR on a need be basis but unofficial and non compensated capacity.

AVATAR will also be delaying its online store for TEES2BSEEN as it negotiates with potential new business partners. The delay should be short lived.

About Konciniti LLC
Konciniti is a multi-disciplinary design and entertainment studio with expertise in music, graphic design, film, promotion and marketing Upon successful negotiations, Konciniti will produce, design, animate and promote an artist's dream and vision to reality.

You can visit their website at www.konciniti.com

AVATAR is a company which has an agreement in place with AutoArt Color Solutions of Oakville, Ontario, Canada, and has been developing and testing unique t-shirt and other garment products for sale in the multi-billion dollar garment industry. AVATAR has the right to use, promote, distribute and sell products developed by AutoART in the Caribbean. Avatar's own unique products, the WRITE-N-WIPE-TEES, the ORIGINAL-ARTIST-TEES and the Virtually Photographic Quality prints and t-shirts will be available worldwide. Avatar is also looking into other areas to generate sales such with art, sports, music and others who may wish to collaborate. Currently AVATAR has entered into a Letter of Intent with KONCINITI LLC of Texas.


Ed Minnema Phone: 647-706-1923

Email: avatarventuresatar@gmail.com for corporate inquiries

Tees2bseen@gmail.com for product inquiries

Website www.avatarvcorp.com

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