Aviendo Fairy Tales' The Nightingale Enlightens Little Readers

A series of recent studies continue to prove the importance of early interactive education. In response Danish story crafter, Aviendo Fairy Tales, has launched its latest book, The Nightingale.


Copenhagen, Denmark -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/05/2016 --According to the American National Center for Education Statistics, children who are read to early on are far more likely to show heightened interest in literature, be able to count to twenty, and able to write their own names.(1) With the proven importance reading holds in childhood development, it is vital that children are engaged in morally informative stories early in their lives. This is where Aviendo Fairy Tales fills its niche. The Danish company weaves in interaction through character models and questions, and completes its tales with wonderful moral sets and an enthralling storyline.

Aviendo Fairy Tales' The Nightingale follows a plot similar to the original 'Nattergalen' by Hans Christian Andersen. The story begins when an emperor requests the accompaniment of what he has just learned is the most beautiful thing in nature, the nightingale. The nightingale agrees to appear in the emperor's court where it is cherished, but a mechanical, bejeweled replica of the nightingale in the works. Soon the emperor will select just one of the two, a decision vital to the emperor's and the nightingale's lives. This type of decision between the mechanically enhanced and the living original is especially relevant in today's world of increased technological involvement, allowing young listeners to contemplate this decision for themselves.

But reader involvement goes beyond that, the story comes with a model nightingale, perfect for children to play with while listening or reading along. The designed toy nightingale is immaculate, complete with the imaginative, yet minimalistic style of Danish design and craftsmanship. As a side benefit, the songbird doubles as a flute, allowing talented little ones to play the nightingale's illustrious song. Additionally, the book includes thought provoking questions, enabling a deeper level of learning for little scholars. Today The Nightingale is available for preorder via a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign where early backers will be treated with a discount for helping fund the book's production. And as an international company, Aviendo Fairy Tales will offer versions of The Nightingale in a variety of languages, ranging from English and German, to Chinese and Japanese. In this way the acclaimed tale can be read around the world with increased educational effectiveness and interaction.

About Aviendo Fairy Tales
Aviendo Fairy Tales aims to create quality time between parents and their little ones while enriching the learning experience. To this end the Danish company has remastered The Ugly Duckling with its own figurine, and is working on their rendition of The Nightingale. Today Aviendo Fairy Tales is hosting a crowdfunding campaign which currently is accepting discounted preorders.

For more information or to preorder visit the Kickstarter campaign page.